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Apple Caramel Brown Sugar Bacco E-liquid Recipe

Yes, yes, yes! Let’s Mix is not over! Of course I’m still going to create small, easy to digest content for you. So all of you who refuse to catch the new live content, don’t you worry. I still got you. Anyways, if you missed last weeks Live Mixing, I decided to go after a complex profile infusing Apple, Apricot, and Brown Sugar. Later in the stream, I decided to add some light tobacco notes to give the profile some maturity. Well I loved it so much, I wanted to come back and refine it. Here is that result.

This mix is a bit of a departure from the original. But that’s the point! In the original, what I really enjoyed about it was the apple caramel blend, laid into the tobacco. While the apricot added a fun accent that gave the mix a bit more flair, I was ultimately distracting away from what I really wanted. So in this Let’s Mix, I decided to showcase who I consolidated the recipe down to form a more coherent, and much better rendition of a mix I thought was already damn good.

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Flavor Notes:

PUR Country Apple: Purilum’s Country Apple is easily one of my favorite Apple flavorings. To me, it brings a delicious Yellow Apple like flavor. One that is slightly tart and sweet, but with softer naturalism that works in so many situations. I use this here at 3% to bring all its flavor, without being too upfront and dominating.

FLV Caramel / FW Caramel Cinnamon Roll: This is the brown sugar back-note. FLV Caramel brings most of the brown sugar or molasses flavor. It’s thick and vibrant, and best of all, lasts throughout the entirety of the vape. I blend this with the lightly spiced Caramel Cinnamon Roll. The bakery note also helps bring the profile closer to the tobacco without much contrast.

INW Shisha Vanilla: This flavoring was added to give a lightly spiced vanilla note. I love vanilla in my apples, I love it in my tobaccos, and I love it in my caramels. So it makes sense to add it here. That said, I’m not sure it’s completely necessary, and have thought about removing it to keep the profile even more concise.

TFA RY4 Double / FLV Turkish Blend: Lastly, the tobacco. I love RY4 Double, as it brings caramel and light bakery notes along with it. This profile just lends itself to be used with Apple. I did want a bit more earth and tobacco leaf, so Turkish Blend was the answer. It’s more hearty and slightly more “baked” than Kentucky which was used in the original. Turkish works better for our uses here.




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