Will DIY be tougher to get after PMTA in September?

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Should you “Prep”?

The video above is taken from my last livestream where I answered a question from the chat “what are the chances we’ll have an issue getting DIY materials come September?” I’ve stated this many times on DIYorDIE previously, but what is at risk is not the products themselves, but access and availability of these products. When the entire vaping market floods these smaller vaping companies with massive orders of ingredients we all use, like TFA Vanilla Swirl, or FA Meringue, or CAP Vanilla Custard, we may see supply issues. We also don’t know if these DIY retailers will be able to remain open without any commercial business floating the rest of the inventory. So DIY is not yet in the clear. If you are a DIY’er, it’s best you stock up on the necessary materials you use for your ADV’s.




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