Breakfast Breads [ Noted: Ep. 163 ]

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Breakfast Bread Flavor Notes:

LQ (HiLIQ) Cinnamon Toast:

Terrible. Synthetic, plastic vinyl cinnamon. Nauseating. Like a cinnamon shower curtain.

Tested at 2%



FP (Flavor Phoenix) Blueberry Muffin:

Blueberry cleaning product and cough syrup.



NF (Nature’s Flavors) Organic Banana Nut:

Synthetic banana with burnt nuts. Chemical off notes.

Tested at 3%



TP (Tasty Puff) Blueberry Muffin:

Like blueberry mixed with a pine tree. Background note of weed. No bakery.



FA Croissant:

Croissant sprayed with lemon pledge. Strong lemon cleaning product off note. Buttery croissant underneath. But can’t get around the lemon.



FW Banana Nut Bread:

CONTAINS SUGAR SYRUP. Very banana forward. No bready-ness or bakery notes. Less spice than other BNB flavours and not enough nut. The banana fairly decent. Destroys wicks fast.



HC (Health Cabin) Cinnamon Danish:

Some cinnamon, but not prominent. Faint AP note. Definitely not discernable as a Danish. Faint cinnamon air. A mess!

Tested at 2%. A lot of HC flavours are potent at 0.25% so possible 2% was too high and muted?



HS Cinnamon Bread:

Burnt toast.



HS Muffin:

Not a muffin. Very dark and roasted, to the point it tastes like coffee. Not sweet. Even darker than WF Coffee Cake. A definite bready note.



RF Blueberry Muffin SC:

Very different from RF Blueberry Muffin. More of a candy blueberry. No real muffin or bakery notes. Might be good in blueberry candy recipe?

Tested at 3%



RF Cinnamon Toast:

Burnt toast with a hint of cinnamon. Slightly less burnt than HS Cinnamon Bread. But still burnt.



RF Blueberry Muffin:

(Not the SC version) Strange blueberry fruit medley with a touch of cinnamon. No muffin or bakery at all. Not terrible. More of a mixed berries.

Tested at 3%. Usually have to use the non SC RF pretty high. So 3% could be too low?



RF Banana Bread:

Mediocre. The banana is in between realistic and artificial Runts. Cheap, Wal-Mart brand banana bread.



WF Bread (Banana Nut) SC:

Like it’s made with banana Jello powder. Isn’t realistic, cooked banana.. It does all the other elements, it’s bready. Has some nuttiness. Not enough banana, a bit too mellow. Lacks bready texture.



FLV Lembas Bread:

A very authentic muffin. Missing the darker, outer crust. But really spot on to the fluffier inside. Has bready-ness, a little butteriness. Has a bright, fruity type sweetness. A bit lemony.




Cran Orange Muffin by MlNikon (ATF)



OOO Banana Nut Bread:

Not as good as TFA. Lighter and less of a bread. Just a banana nut flavour with some cinnamon.

Tested at 3%. Maybe 3% is too low and bready-ness may come through at higher %?



WF Coffee Cake:

Bready, roasty, coffee, cake. The coffee note isn’t bad. Not very sweet. No cinnamon. Hint of chocolate.



FLV Blueberry Muffin:

The cooked blueberries in a muffin. But there’s no muffin or bakery note. Not quite as sweet as blueberries are when cooked. The fact there’s no muffin makes it versatile.



FW Coffee Cake:

Cinnamon crumb cake type coffee cake. Discernable bakery flavour. Nice cinnamon, without being overpowering. Dead on, authentic coffee cake.



TFA Banana Nut Bread:

Slightly artificial. Nice banana and light cinnamon on the finish. Definitely a BNB. Nice nuttiness. Great bready body. Needs a little bit of help. A little dry. Apparently works really well in a pod.

A bit weak, 5-6% is a good starting %. Can use at 8% with no issues. Probably around 10-12% in a pod.



VT Croissant and WF Croissant:

Great paired together. Fill in what the other lacks. VT has the butteriness and the outer crust. WF has the inside flakiness and graininess. VT is a little top heavy. It has a lot of really good butter up front. Then get the crispy, outer layer of the croissant. But trails off into almost flavourless, powdery, slightly doughiness. WF is soft overall and can get lost in a mix by itself.



DIYFS Blueberry Muffin:

Really nice muffin with a light blueberry. The sweetness is almost like the sugar crystals on the top of a muffin. Nice bakery note. Basically a one shot.

Tested at 3%



WF Crepe:

Discussed in more depth last week. Slightly sweet, eggy. Nice citrus-y spice note. Very smooth. Tasty as a SF.






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