Apple Cider Pudding / Mint KitKat / Ice Grape | Midweek Critique

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DIY E-liquid Recipe Reviews

  • Just Going Grape by Bryan
    • This recipe is a very simple grape with ice. While the recipe packs in a nice solid grape base, it’s unfortunately sullied by the intense amount of sweetness from both the Stevia in the CAP Concord and the Super Sweet
    • Final Score: 3 / 5

  • Apple Cider Pudding by Mike G
    • WINNER
    • This recipe was a surprisingly good blend of Apple, cider, vanilla pudding, and light bakery notes. MikeG utilizes FLV Apple Cider & Apple Pop to build a really tasty and detailed apple pie / cider type flavor. It’s then layered in a rich and velvety vanilla pudding. I really enjoyed this mix, and I think giving some more attention to the texture and mouthfeel, can pull this recipe to “masterpiece” territory. Very well done.
    • Final Score: 4 / 5

  • Mint KitKat v3 by JerseyJoe
    • A very ambitious profile, JerseyJoe goes after the coveted Mint KitKat. Utilizing WF Crispy Wafer to build the wafer flavor of the KitKat, it unfortunately falls short of its goal due to the lacking chocolate and mint flavor. This mix is simply too inaccurate, and using Creme de Menthe to provide the “chocolate mint” turns the mix more into a cheap Peppermint Patty, than a Mint KitKat.
    • Final Score: 2.5 / 5




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