Syrup Holders ft. Foment Life, Isamadog, Rainbow Dragon, HumanPuck [ Noted: Ep. 162 ]

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Pancake / Waffle DIY Flavor Notes:

French Toast

RF French Toast:
Really flat. Read more as toasted nuts in an underwhelming custard.
Tested at various %s. Got the same result at every %.

OOO French Toast (One Shot):
Has all the elements, but they come in separately. First get syrup, then butter, then slightly burnt, eggy toast. Not particularly good.

OOO French Toast:
Mostly syrup. Dry, doughy, a little fluffy. But not French toast, no eggy-ness. Bland.
Tested at 2%, 2.5%

TP (Tasty Puff) French Toast:
As a SNV, boozy. After 5 days, pretty decent, but not eggy enough. After 10 days, some vanilla notes and a bit of a doughy body. Could be a good base for a French toast recipe.
Tested at 2.5% and 3%.

FE French Toast:
Really heavy on eggy, vanilla custard element. Light bread. More like batter for French Toast. Lacks toast and buttery, pan fried note. Nice touch of cinnamon and good sticky feel.

Apple Bourbon Bread Pudding by Forment_Life (ATF)


TFA Pancake:
Cheap, frozen pancake made in a toaster. A little too dry, a little too crispy. Grainy. A little bit of really cheap tasting syrup.

HS Pancake:
Predominantly peanut butter. Concentrate also smells like peanut butter in the bottle.

NF (Nature’s Flavors) Pancake:
After 5 days steep HumanPuck got cinnamon with hand sanitizer. After 10 days still perfumey. Isuamadog didn’t get hand sanitizer. Got nice bakery cinnamon with touch of syrup and something like soft cookie. Not a pancake.
HP tested at 5%. Isuamadog tested at 4%.

WF Crepe:
Lemon note, which can limit versatility. Really nice, delicate bakery that definitely comes across as a crepe. The lemon can be covered in a mix with some effort.

Breakfast of the Gods by Forment_Life (ATF)

RF Pancakes:
Not a lot of flavour, even at 4%. Pancake air. At 2.5% just a touch of maple.
Tested at 2.5% and 4%

OOO Pancake:
A lot like a soft sugar cookie. Not a lot of maple syrup.
Tested at 3%


INW Wunder Waffle:
Nauseating. Subtle artificial chocolate note then disgusting rotten bread. Yeasty note. Tastes like butiric acid, AP and chocolate.
Tested at 2%, steeped 1 day and tested again after a month.

FLV Waffle:
Really bad. At 1.25%, tastes like the smell of sourdough bread that has gone visibly moldy. Lingers. At 1 drop per 10ml, some earthiness. Like mushrooms with a touch of sweetness.
Tested at 1%, 1.25% and 1 drop in a 10ml and 20ml.

CAP Waffle:
Mostly maple syrup. No bready note. A very forgettable maple syrup, very meh. Not very sweet. Like brown simple syrup.

FW Blueberry Graham Waffle:
Forment got toned down FW Blueberry on a graham cracker. No waffle. Humanpuck found it blueberry dominant with some Eggo style toaster waffle. Also some of the spices from a graham cracker.
Tested at 3% and around 3.25%

FP (Flavor Phoenix) Belgian Banana Waffle:
Contains a lot of ethyl alcohol. As a SNV like a weird banana bourbon. Not pleasant. After 5 days banana bourbon syrup, not bad. Banana is on the runty side, more artificial.

HC (Health Cabin) Waffle:
Thin, kind of weak. Non descript, light bready-ness. Maple note. Not much flavour.

NF (Nature’s Flavors) Organic Waffle:
Mostly butter with a little bit of syrup. No waffle.

TFA Waffle:
Slightly better than an Eggo style waffle, but still a cheap waffle. Far too much fake, artificial maple syrup. Nice butter note.

MB WW Waffle:
MB Glamour Chocolate on a wafer cookie with a little hazelnut spread. Doesn’t taste bad. But not a waffle.

LB Belgian Waffle:
Broadly hits all the elements of a waffle, has the right doughy-ness. But has non descript spice note that limits versatility. A little bit sweet. Has waffle bready-ness. A bit thin.
Tested it at 4%, 5% and 6.5%

NR (Nicotine River) Waffle Crunch:
Forment got Kellogs Active cereal, cornflakes with hints of freeze dried strawberry. A good cereal flavour. Not too heavy on the AP like a lot of cereal flavours are.

FW Waffle Cone:
Petty accurate to a waffle cone. After steeping was something in between a waffle cone and sugar cone. Tesla thought it was very cardboard-y at 1.75%.
Tested at 1.75%, 2%, 2.5%and 4%

OOO Waffle (Belgian):

At 7% a fairly decent Belgian waffle with a hint of vanilla. But lacks body. At 3.5% only very mild waffle flavour. Needs to steep around 10 days, although still lacks body.
Tested at 3.5%, 5% and 7%. Use around 7% for a SF.

FW Waffle:
Like a sweet, buttery, vanilla dough. Some maple. Lacks some body. Forment found if mixed with TFA Belgian Waffle at 1:1 ratio creates a really accurate Eggo toaster waffle.
Tested at 2% and 3%

TFA Belgian Waffle:
It’s everything FW Waffle is missing to make an Eggo waffle. Heavy artificial maple, butter note. Unapologetically a toaster style waffle. Slight cinnamon sugar, toasted notes.
Tested at 4%

MB Classic Waffle:
Great, accurate Belgian waffle. Nice doughy body, a little crispiness. Not like a cheap Eggo waffle. Needs 4-5 days steep. Probably has to be the star of a mix as a very prominent flavour.
Tested at 3%.




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