Bavarian Cream ft. Fresh03 [ Noted: Ep. 161 ]

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Bavarian Cream DIY E-liquid Flavor Notes

It’s made with milk, eggs, gelatin, and whipped cream. So in between vanilla custard and whipped cream. A little thinner and less rich than a custard, but a bit thicker and richer than a pudding.

TFA Bavarian Cream DX:
Doesn’t contain butiric acid. Nice, light spice note. Before steeping it’s pretty dry, but improves and can be fixed in a mix. A little thin as it’s DAAP free. Nice cream flavour.

FA Bavarian Cream (Crema Bavarese):
Doesn’t contain DAAP. A bit more like a custard. Nice warmth. Good, smooth vanilla top note. Not as rich and thinner than other Bavarian creams, more the consistency of whipped cream.
Gets sour at higher %s (3.5%-4%).

LA Bavarian Cream:
More reminiscent of a flan. Gelatin texture, nice warm vanilla cream, pretty thick and smooth. Some caramel notes. Has a not unpleasant slight sour twang.

FW Bavarian Cream:
Sweeter than many other Bavarian Creams. Lacks caramel, brown sugar note. Thinner than TFA, thicker than FA. Leans closer to a pudding than a custard. Works in a lot of applications.
Probably best to use 4% or below. At 5%, although not offensive, it starts to get a little chemically and artificial tasting. That’s as a SF so could maybe be covered in a mix?

CAP Bavarian Cream:
Not very authentic. Nutty with a light spice note. Butter note. Good, warm vanilla, nice cream, Slight wet cardboard off note, but easily covered. Lovely creamy texture.

RF Bavarian Cream SC:
Thin, like many RF. A lot of flavour up front, disappears towards end of exhale. The flavour that’s there is really great, similar to TFA. Warm, rich vanilla cream, nice mouthfeel.

DEL Bavarian Cream:
Delicious but on the thin side. Nice and light, some eggy-ness and dark sweetness. Creamy and smooth but lacks weight and density. Useful, especially where you need a lighter cream.
Tested at 5%.

PUR Bavarian Cream:
Really nice. On the lighter side, very bright vanilla. Lovely mouthfeel. Leans more towards a pudding.
Use between around 1.5-3%

OOO Bavarian Cream:
Dark, rich. The darkest Bavarian cream tested this week. As SNV has a bit of a yoghurt-y twang, but steeps out. Caramel, brown sugar notes. Good mouthfeel. Leans more towards a custard.
Use between around 1.5-3%. Twang steeps out after around 7-10 days.

TFA Bavarian Cream:
An essential. Thick, good mouthfeel, great vanilla note. Lovely richness, a little darkness. Some people may get maple off note. Can cover many off notes in mixes, like making yoghurt less sour.
Use around 2-3%. Can get maple-y at higher %s. Most people can use as a SNV, but keeps getting better over time.

JF Bavarian Cream:
Dark and creamy. A bit of a caramel note. Hints of butter and egg. Dairy on the finish. Vanilla is a bit brighter and more realistic than TFA. Complex for a SF. Very warm flavour. Very smooth.

WF Bavarian Cream SC:
Very dark and rich and smooth. Amazing mouthfeel. Thick, a ton of body. Dark vanilla. Light caramel, brown sugar note. Versatile.
Use between 1.5-3%.


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