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Watermelon DIY E-liquid Flavor Notes

Fantasy Watermelon Fantasy (available at Chefs):
Oddly it tastes like a pretty good candy banana. Some very, very slight notes of watermelon. Concentrate smells like watermelon.

Mom & Pops Jimmy’s Pink:
CONTAINS FOOD COLOURING. Described as watermelon with grape and strawberry. Very perfumey. Which overpowers the rest of the profile. Not a lot of watermelon.

Flavour Junkie Peter’s Secret (available at Chefs):
Described as blend of red fruits, watermelon and guava. Tastes like a bad green apple flavour. Loaded with Koolada.

Flavor Revolution Strawberry Watermelon:
Far more strawberry than watermelon. Watermelon very faint, just get some nice juiciness from it. Strawberry is very artificial. Like a hard candy strawberry. Very strange combination.

FW Jungle Juice:
Supposed to be watermelon, berries, notes of white grape. Mainly a bad white grape with some unidentifiable fruit. Not much watermelon. A lot of cooling, tastes like eucalyptus with menthol.

JF Watermelon:
Very rind-y. Could use to add rind to another watermelon? But could very easily take over a mix.

CAP Sweet Watermelon:
Disappointing as a SF, but really works in mixes. More syrupy than others. In between realistic and candy. Kitty got spoiled milk off note, but nobody else did.

FW Watermelon:
Nasty sweet perfume. Chemical hairspray off notes. 1% pretty sweet and mostly candied. 2% completely candy.

MB Ugly Delicious:
Supposed to be watermelon strawberry bubblegum. But an unidentifiable mess. No watermelon, barely any strawberry and no bubblegum.

VT Watermelon:
Has a booze note, goes away after a few days steep. After that was pretty bright, in between candy and natural. Some people get a chemical off note.

PUR Watermelon:
Watermelon flavour not strong. Slightly harsh with slightly perfumey floral. But those off notes are coverable. Turns into ketchup at 4%.
Use below 4%.

FW Watermelon Candy:
Really good chewy type candy. But not a lot of watermelon. It’s present, but very mellow and flat. Prominent rind notes on the finish. Very dry. Not that sweet for a candy.

INW Watermelon:
Extremely heavy rind top note. Behind that an unpleasant, synthetic watermelon candy. The rind is pretty floral.
Tested at 0.5% up to 2.5%.

HS Watermelon:
Very pink and red. Floral, strawberry, rose notes. But not that good. Very strong floral notes.

DV Walter Malone:
Sweet, candy watermelon rind. Very rindy. Some mellow watermelon. Rind is pretty floral. It’s also sweet, not bitter. Which makes it taste pretty good.

LA Watermelon:
Watermelon Jolly Rancher or Blow Pop. Very synthetic. Can only be used for artificial, candy watermelon mixes.

CAP Double Watermelon:
Slightly over ripe, realistic watermelon. The rind a little too strong. Slight sweetness. Watermelon flavour is pretty mellow.

FW Watermelon Natural:
CONTAINS FRUCTOSE. Tastes pretty good. Candy watermelon. Slight rind note.

Mom & Pops Watermelon:
CONTAINS A LOT OF FOOD COLOURING. Natural watermelon. Not very sweet. A good amount of rind. Has some juiciness.

TFA Watermelon:
Very light in flavour and thin at 4%. Pretty artificial. Lacks juiciness and no rind.
Tested at 4%. May need to use as high as 7-8%ish?

RF Watermelon:
Candy-ish. Bordered on floral. The watermelon flavour wasn’t that bad.
Tested at 2%

CAP Candied Watermelon:
Very one dimensional. Sugary aftertaste. Very candied. Like a knock off LA Watermelon. A good accent to another watermelon in a candy mix.
Gets soapy at around 5%.

Bickford Watermelon:
Really juicy, in a similar way to INW Cactus. But actual watermelon flavour is very weak. When used higher gets a chemical off note. Could use like INW Cactus, for juiciness/ wetness.
Use around 0.75-1% to add juiciness or wetness.

FA Red Summer (Watermelon):
Definitely natural, not at all candied. Heavy rind note. But plays off the natural watermelon flavour well. Probably best used to support another watermelon.

OOO Watermelon Candy:
Watermelon chewy taffy. Creamy note. No off notes. Would fit into a whole lot of different candy recipes. Has nice artificial watermelon flavour.

PUR Watermelon Cotton Candy:
Not nearly sweet enough. Dry. Has pretty average artificial watermelon flavour. Not authentic to watermelon cotton candy. Could be usable in certain mixes though.

WF Watermelon Yellow SC:
Yellow watermelon supposed to be sweeter with a honey note. Not much sweeter than other, red watermelon flavours didn’t pick up on a honey note. But a good, sweet, authentic watermelon. No off notes.
Tested at 2% and 2.5%. Plenty of flavour, not thin.

TFA Watermelon Candy:
Not candy. Very authentic to the juice from a watermelon. Very, very juicy. Nice sweetness. Isuamadog disagreed, didn’t think it was that juicy and got a hint of cardboard.

FLV Watermelon:
Natural watermelon. Good balance between the rind and flesh. No off notes. The flesh is really authentic. Sweet. Slightly floral, but not in a negative way.
Gets rindy if used too high.

MB Big Watermelon:
Sweet watermelon, bordering on candied. Not sweet enough, like most watermelon flavours. UnappreciatedRobot gets Hubba Bubba bubblegum watermelon.

DIYFS Watermelon:
CONTAINS FOOD COLOURING. Totally forgettable. Like watermelon Pedialyte.

Chemnovatic Watermelon:
Surprisingly impressive. Realistic, no candy notes.
Needed to push to 4-5% for it to be full flavoured.

WF Sour Watermelon Candy:
Contains sucralose. Not sour. Nice artificial watermelon candy flavour. No off notes. Pretty mellow. Especially when compared to something like LA Watermelon.
Use around 2-4%

River Supply (formally Nic River) Watermelon:
Extremely juicy, very realistic, sweet watermelon. No off notes no matter the %. Doesn’t have an overpowering rind note.
Tested at 2%, was too thin. Use around 4-6%

Euro Flavors Sweet Watermelon:
It sucks!


Water Malone by ENYAWRECKLAW (ATF)

Watered Melons by eyemakepizza (ATF)

Strap-On by ID10-T (ATF)

Frozen Alfred’s Tears by diy_discord (ATF)

Fucking Watermelon by DodgerFog33 (ATF)

Sour Apple Melon by hamglaze (ATF)

My Melon Balls by NordicFlavours (ATF)


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