Midweek Critique: Monster Energy, Pistachio Tobacco, Florazona, & An RDA for Vaping by Coilturd

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Midweek Critique Recipes:

Hayaiiz – Monster Energy v1

Duncanyoyo – Twilight

ImjustSayain – Half Baked Maple Cinnamon Brown Sugar Cookie

Kocanda – Florazona

Hardware Review of the Week:

An RDA for Vaping by Coilturd

This RDA has been much requested by many viewers. Many have asked my on my thoughts for a good dual coil RDA, that produce great, accurate flavor. I’ve never really had too many to recommend, especially ones that are more contemporary. Well, that changes with the RDA for Vaping by Coilturd. What makes this RDA so special is its versatility. Being able to throw in dual coils (in my build I used Coilturd’s fused claptons ohming to 0.25), utilizing a single coil, three different airflow options, and of course, 810 drip tip with an adapter can be turned into a 510. All these options noticeably change the vape experience, which is excellent for mixers looking to emulate different vape types, or someone looking to vape a different style specific to their recipe. Say you want to vape a bakery with large flavor stage and imaging, then you can use the widest airflow option, throw in some dual coils, and pop on your 810, and you’ve got a nice, wide, flavorful and saturated vape. But then you want a tart lemonade, so you close down the airflow, throw on a 510, and possibly move to a single coil. Both situations offering different vape experiences, without sacrificing much flavor.

Now speaking on flavor, it’s not like a Hadaly unfortunately. But it’s certainly respectable. Utilizing a dual coil, with the middle airflow ring option, I’m able to produce a saturated and accurate flavor that leans much more to the casual experience, as opposed to the analytical. One downside to the flavor is that it does tend to “round off” the edges of the vape. So citruses, sharp candies, and really bright flavors, tend to round down in a more flat flavor curve. That’s not to say it’s bad, it just doesn’t come close to the “sparkle” of other RDA’s. What you get in return is a good all around flavor, with nice saturation and flavor stage. So if you’re looking for that all-arounder, with great aesthetics, and different vape options, this is a great RDA to choose from.




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