Mary Jane 🌿 ft. Hex [ Noted: Ep. 158 ]

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Mary Jane Flavor Notes

FLV Yakima Hops:
Bright, mildly floral. Pine-y top note. Pretty prominent citrus notes. Some pleasant, bright earthiness. Nice body. Thick and robust. Has a depth for something that’s so bright. A little bitterness.

Tasty Puff Puffy Le Pew:
Really disgusting. Like a dead skunk! Also the worst parts of the worst coffee flavours. Strong chemical cleaner taste and smell.

TFA Cannabis Type:
Remarkably accurate to lemon Pine Sol of with some grassy-ness. The same grassy note that is in TFA Mary Jane. A little bit sweet.

Tasty Puff Sweet Leaf:
Kind of accurate, but unpleasant and artificial. Soft pine-y, grassy top note. Base is thick, almost sickeningly sweet. Skunky, nasty, cheap weed taste. Missing high, citrus-y or aromatic floral notes. Slight chemical off note.
Tested at 3%

FA Reggae Night:
Not accurate to weed. Crisp, kind of refreshing. Clear juniper note up front. Sticky, resin-y pine and slight citrus note. Slight grassy note. A little sweetness on finish. Sticky body.

TFA Mary Jane:
Like gross, cheap weed. Clear pine-y top note. Body is herbal, tastes like dried seasoning. Kind of woody. Has a warmth. Almost a medicinal quality. Not very skunky. No citrus-y notes.
Tested at 2%. Plenty of flavour.

Tasty Puff Sweet Haze:
TP Sweet Leaf with TP Purple Haze. Most prominent flavour is lavender-ish floral, tastes like dryer sheets. Almost no skunky-ness or vanilla. A little pine-y, with the chemical off note from TP Sweet Leaf.

Tasty Puff Pineapple Daze:
Sweet Leaf with pineapple. Almost no Sweet Leaf, just get the chemical off note it has. The pineapple over powers it. Not a great pineapple, kind of candied.

Tasty Puff Sweet Pine Haze:
Blend of TP Sweet Leaf, TP Purple Haze and TP Pineapple Daze. Floral, dryer sheet note. Pineapple pretty overpowering, a bit sharp and acidic on top. Base is just pineapple candy.

Tasty Puff Calypso Leaf:
Hex liked it, but it didn’t taste like weed and got no coconut. More like an indistinct autumnal spice. ID10-T got coconut, thought it was pretty good, thick and creamy.
ID10-T tested at 3%. Hex tested it at 4 or 5%

Tasty Puff Island Leaf:
TP Sweet Leaf with TP Tropical. Mostly a really rich, thick coconut cream. Some natural deep, creamy banana. Indistinguishable tart fruitiness in top note. Very little Sweet Leaf, just a little pine in the top note.


Hop Along Sally by Ediblemalfunction (ATF)

EUR (Euro Flavors) Amsterdam:
Has a little bit of a grass clippings note at 4%, but manageable. Could be covered. Grassy note gets overpowering at higher %s. Nice green, herb-y flavour. Smokey note. Interesting flavour.
Tested at 4%

IPA Smoke by Matthewkocanda (ATF)

Chrysalis by Ediblemalfunction (ATF)

Aura: Forest by CheebaSteeba (ATF)





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