New Wednesday Stream is HERE! – Midweek Critique

Time for the CRITIC

Above is the “first” episode of the newest Wednesday show, the Midweek Critique. This was born from my incessant nature to critique things, and the deluge of recipes sent my way from you guys to review. I’ve wanted to add 1 more live show to the weekly lineup for a while now, and Midweek Critique was naturally created.

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What is this show you ask? Well first and foremost, it’s time for me to review your recipes. I get sent recipes for review almost daily, and I usually don’t get to them until weeks later. Well that has now changed. Every Wednesday at 5pm EST, on Twitch & YouTube, I will review 3 – 4 recipes sent to me by the community. I will be tough on these recipes. I will sometimes be harsh. And of course, I’ll always be truthful. I will do my best to remain as objective as possible, but it remains to be said that these are MY own opinions. So hopefully the show not just gives more mixers a platform to get their work out there, but also motivate and encourage more mixers to join in on the fun.

How to send your recipes?

The quickest way to get your recipes on the list is to view the show on Twitch, and send the recipe link through Twitch Chat. Now, because the queue is already filling up quickly, I have created a way to jump the queue. You just need to use your Twitch viewer “points” (they’re called Drips) to purchase the “Mix & Review” recipe. All you need to do to accumulate these points is to watch the stream (on Twitch). Anyone who purchases that automatically jumps to the front of the queue. Lastly, you can send your recipe to “[email protected]” (if you are a DIYorDIE Mixer Member, make it known to jump the queue). So there you have it. That’s how you get your recipes on the show.


On your Twitch Chat panel, in the bottom left you will see the “Drips” icon. Click that to purchase the Recipe Review.


So there you have it. That’s how you get your recipes on the show. I hope to see you in the chat engaging with the show. I want to note I will also be reviewing other things like hardware, tech, movies, music, other reviewers, it’s just a fun time for us critical Virgos to come together and be analytical, annoying, pretentious nerds!

Don’t forget – every Wednesday 5pm EST / 2pm PST!




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