Caramel ft. Folkart [ Noted: Ep. 155 ]

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Caramel DIY E-liquid Flavor Notes:

TFA Caramel Cappuccino:

Extremely potent. Authentic milky cappuccino with a sweet caramel. Tiny hints of skunk spray, raw meat and onion juice.
Tested 1 drop in 20ml. Flavour was still overpowering.


SC Caramel Cream Puff:

Very burnt. Like how burnt microwave popcorn smells. Bakery element more like FLV Crunch Cereal, which tastes like fried mushroom. No cream. Tested at 1%. Pretty potent.


SC Caramel:

Burnt. Like how burnt microwave caramel popcorn smells.
Tested at 1%. Pretty potent.


SC Caramel Mocha:

Like burnt popcorn. Skunky. Some sweet caramel and cocoa but are mostly hidden by off notes. Also an odd, sour bakery note, like a moldy biscuit. Nauseating.
Tested at 1%. Pretty potent.


SC Caramel Candy:

Burnt popcorn. Has some sweet caramel, but mostly burnt and has skunk spray note. Not sweet enough to be a candy.


WF Milk Caramel Candy:

Very milky, funky, nauseating. Has caramel or brown sugar note with rich, buttery, milky finish. But it’s covered by a barfy, blue cheese type off note. Caramel is light, not deep enough.


HC (Health Cabin) Caramel:

Brown sugar with cherry. Sharp, chemical edge. Plastic off note. Overly fruity. Very sweet. Folkart got cotton candy with some fruitiness.


CAP Caramel V2:

Maple with cherry. No plastic cherry off note. Odd cherry-like fruitiness. Not unpleasant, but strange.


HC (Health Cabin) Caramel Butter:

ID10-T thought it tasted like caramel and butter. But butter a bit artificial with a little sourness. Folkart got a buttery, sweet, light coconut. Very buttery with a slight caramel note. ID10-T tested at 2%. Folkart tested at 3%.


HC (Health Cabin) Salted Caramel:

Actually salty, like FLV Beer Nuts. But it mostly tastes like hot metal, like leaving a pan on the stove. Not very sweet. Doesn’t taste anything like caramel. Concentrate very dark in colour. Tested at 1%. Could have been too high?


MB Melty Caramel:

Not very melty, a bit dry and powdery up front. Creaminess on the finish. Nice darkness. ID10-T got butiric note, but hes he’s sensitive to it. Folkart got a plastic off note.


VT Caramel Mocha:

Caramel is great. Really rich, sweet, sticky. Not a lot of chocolate. Coffee had hint of skunky, burnt popcorn. Those not sensitive to coffee off notes may really enjoy this flavour.


INW Caramel:

Concentrate very dark in colour. Harsh, thin and astringent. Mostly just tastes burnt. A little bit of a liqueur note. Pretty sweet. No dairy. More like scorched sugar than caramel. Tested at 1%. Flavour was pretty light. Not particularly potent.


TFA Caramel:

More smoked vanilla than caramel. Not very sweet. A lot of vanilla. Very smokey tasting. Pretty thin, a little astringent. Folkart got a bit of a sour milk note.


CAP Caramel:

Maple syrup. Kind of thin, but has a little more body than FA Maple Syrup, although not as clean tasting as FA.


TFA Caramel Original:

Very rich, nice darkness, sweet. Rich caramel sauce with butter and cream, nice hint of vanilla. Tastes really good. Fairly prominent maple note, but maybe because 3% was too high? Tested at 3%


TFA Caramel Original DX:

Not as thick or rich as TFA Caramel Original. No butiric.


TFA Dulce de Leche:

Slight maple note, wouldn’t be an issue in a mix. Like caramel butter. Very buttery, creamy, rich. Definite dairy, milky, cream in the base. Fairly mild, light flavour overallĀ  Tested at 1.5%, 2%. Use around 1.5%. Gets plastic-y if used too high.


DEL Caramel:

Delightfully mediocre. A little thin, not particularly rich. A little astringent. But has a pretty good caramel flavour. Needs cream or butter, something to thicken it.
Use around 5%.


CC ((Chefs Choice) formally Cupcake World) Salted Caramel:

Not salted. Thin, a bit dry. Lighter, like undercooked caramel. Pretty light in flavour. Not bold enough for use as a main note.


FW Caramel Candy:

Hard crack caramel candy. A slightly overcooked Werthers. Slight acrid, burnt sugar note and a little astringent. Can be used to darken up or sweeten other caramels as very sweet. Use up to around 2%. Pretty strong for FW.


TFA Caramel Candy:

Slight hint of odd woody spiciness. Isn’t as full as FW Caramel Candy. But isn’t overcooked like FW. Bright. Light in flavour. Some candy butteriness. Noticeable vanilla note.


FA Caramel:

Very useful. But not a great caramel. Halfway between a caramel and brown sugar. Buttery, whilst being thin. Dry, not very smooth. Pretty sweet.


FLV Caramel:

Very authentic brown sugar. Thin. Very sweet. No off notes, besides not being caramel.


VT Salted Caramel:

Not salted but good. Very dark, without being burnt. Almost smokey. Very full, moderately rich. An almost creamy feel.
Folkart tested at 2%, then at 4%. Got even better at 4%, thicker.


VT Scorched Caramel:

Has a smokey, scorched sugar flavour. Sweet but dry dark caramel. Would be amazing in a tobacco mix. Would be perfect in a creme brulee for the slightly burnt, scorched sugar. Tested at 1% and 2%.


HS Caramel Toffee:

Very dark, similar level of darkness as VT Scorched Caramel. Really good, rich caramel note. A slight burnt flavour. Not very sweet.


HS Caramel:

Dark caramel on top of a cream. Some separation. Caramel a bit dry. The cream finish is sweet and smooth. Neutral cream, not particularly milky or buttery. Pretty tasty.


VT Creme Caramel:

Cream is quite thin. Caramel a little astringent, brown sugar off note. Very light, milky caramel. Not that rich. Not very sweet. Underwhelming.


LA Caramel:

Very nice caramel. Lovely richness. A little brown sugary. Nice dark sweetness. No sharp astringency. Not very nuanced. Good caramel to build around for a caramel main note.


WF Caramel Rice Crispy Treat:

Really delicious. Nice, sticky caramel. The rice crispy treat is subtle, comes across more as generic cereal or bakery. Mostly a sweet, buttery, caramel, marshmallow. Has a lot of depth.


WF Caramel Butter:

Nice, rich, light, milky caramel. Really delicious, sweet. Caramel is pretty light, slightly undercooked. But still rich. Definitely buttery. Not artificial, movie theatre butter.


SA Caramel Buerre:

Delicious. Lighter caramel, like WF Caramel Butter. Rich, buttery, decadent. A bit richer, deeper and a little darker than WF.


FW Salted Caramel:

Not salted. Rich, a little creamy and buttery. Not super thick. Smooth. Not that sweet. Versatile. Really nice mouthfeel. Tested up to 6%.





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