Wake Up w/ Wayne – EP. 10: Bon Appetit Brownface | Crocodile Tears

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Gourmet Makes…No More

In this episode of Wake Up, I discuss the recent events that led to the Editor in Chief at Bon Appetit resigning and the entire staff postponing shooting videos thanks to some poor decision making from the top guy. I also dive into the video of the Buffalo PD nearly killing a 75 year old man, for simply wanting to chat. Is it conspiracy? And in VaporAlert, we look at how the Attorney General of FL is going after vaping companies.


Global Forum on Nicotine Event

World Vape Day takes over “World No Tobacco Day”

CEI great article on Crocodile Tears from Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids

Attorney General of FL Going After Vape Companies

FDA Warns Bizarre Medical Claims from Vaping Company

Bon Appetit Brownface and Prejudice Pay

Trump Says 75 yr Old Man was a “Plant”




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