How to Calculate & Measure Your DIY E-liquids

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Use An E-liquid Calculator

Measuring your DIY E-liquid Mixes is very easy. All you need to do, is use one of the great e-liquid calculators that are freely available for us to utilize. These e-liquid calculators take all the math and guesswork out of the equation, and allow us to focus on developing and consuming great tasting recipes. So if you’re wondering how much nicotine to use in your new mix, or how much VG you need to add to get a 70/30 blend, or how much flavoring you need to ensure you have a total of 20% flavoring, all you need to know is how to input the values in the e-liquid calculator, which I show you in the above video.


Links: The #1 E-liquid Calculator & Showcase Site on the Web A “Pay-to-play” Recipe Showcase & Calculator meant for more “serious” mixers

Hot Rods “Juice Calculator”: An offline, PC only, extremely customizable and indepth calculator and inventory tracker.

Ejuicemeup: A simple PC only calculator (only 10 ingredients allowed per mix).



One-Shots are easy to mix, affordable concentrates that you use to quickly and efficiently mix up full recipes, without the need of purchasing and measuring many independent flavorings. These are great for those who want all the benefits of DIY mixing, without the difficult development time. DIYorDIE offers One-Shots at many different places. You can check out my ENYAWREKLAW One-Shots at, that include recipes like Pistachio-RY4U & Rose Milk. You can also get the DIYorDIE Tastemaker One-Shots available at, where you can get recipes like WaterMalone & Kings Custard, along with your VG, PG, & nicotine base.






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