Wake Up w/ Wayne – EP. 6: Nic Caps & Juulrooms

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In episode 6 of Wake Up with Wayne, we go over a TON of news. First off, we laugh at the new Amazon show “Upload” for introducing us to the “Vape Ward”.  We then take a look at how TobaccoTactics is trying to smear Dr. Farsalinos. We learn that most teens experiment with vaping for it’s “cool factor”, with flavors being the last thing on their mind. South Korean doctors ignore science as they dive into an investigation. In great news, we learn that vaping does NOT increase risky health behaviors, something that smoking does. Wayne then rips into the latest PAVe Podcast where they bring on Dr. Bonnie Halpern-Felsher who spouts nonsense about why flavorings are used in vaping products. And lastly, we debate the idea of the Nicotine Cap as recommended by the Canadian Vaping Association.

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