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Soda a la Creme

In this Live Mixing, I’m feeling a bit down in the dumps. Luckily, we were able to nail a great profile that made me feel a bit better! The chat decided to go after soda’s via vote, so I went after a Root Beer Float and Black Cherry Cola. Well, I ended up with a delicious Cream Soda and sweet Black Cherry Pepsi. Recipes are below!

Cream Soda | Live Mixing


UPDATE: Moved Tab lower as it steeps, it becomes a bit too present. Also tweaked some % to refine accuracy. Easy, delicious, (slighty) fizzy, cream soda. Would like a bit more saturation/presence from it, but very happy where it's starting from. Made on Live Mixing:


CAP Super Sweet     0.5%FLV Root Beer     5%FA Vanilla Ice Cream     2%HS French Vanilla Icecream     2%HS Tab Blended     1.5%

Total Flavor: 11%

Black Cherry Cola | Live Mixing


Extremely simple, sweet, Black Cherry Pepsi. Not nearly as authentic as I want, and very sweet, but the gist is there. Made on Live Mixing:


CAP Super Sweet     0.5%HS Blue Cola     6%WF Blackcherry Jelly Bean SC     1.5%

Total Flavor: 8%





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