Macadamia Nut ft. EyeMSam [ Noted: Ep. 150 ]

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Macadamia Nut Flavor Notes:

Get Suckered Macadamia:
Tastes like the smell of an engine smoking from an oil leak. Roasted nuts with burnt oil.

FW Macadamia:
Contains corn syrup. Slightly sweet, very nut forward. A little earthy. Apparently fades significantly after about a month, even the un-mixed concentrate.
Tested at 2%

NF (Nature’s Flavors) Organic Macadamia:
A bit weak in potency. Top heavy, moist, sweet. A bit of an earthy note. Decent amount of mouthfeel.
Tested at 1%, 3% and 5%

VT Macadamia Nut:
Like a macadamia nut with a thin layer of chocolate on it. Chocolate back note. Has some depth. Mild, buttery nut flavour sits in front throughout. Does the fatty note really well. Really tasty.
Tested at 1.5%, 2%, 4%. Use around 3% in a mix.

OOO White Chocolate Macadamia:
Pretty good. The chocolate note needs some help to boost it. But it is present. It’s creamy. The macadamia is comparable to WF Macadamia Nuts. The nut is more forward over the chocolate, Semi sweet. Not dry.
Tested at 2% and 5%. Not a lot of flavour at 2%. Too light.

WF Macadamia Nuts SC:
Generically nutty flavour. Mild, buttery nut. Less nut forward than some of the others. Fairly dry, but smooth.
Tested at 1.5%, 2%


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