Tangerine & Maple Pecan Custard DIY E-liquid Recipe

Above is a clip of the recent Live Mixing episode where I mixed up both a Tangerine Custard and Maple Pecan Custard. The first, the Tangerine custard, implements a bright and silky vanilla custard with a light, yet juicy & sweet tangerine flavor. Easily a very delicious take on the profile, which was so good, I felt I didn’t even need to tweak it! The next recipe, the Maple Pecan Custard, takes that same custard base and infuses maple syrup and butter pecan. While it’s not as good as the tangerine custard, it’s still tasty and with some tweaks, can be taken to the next level. Watch the full Live Mixing for the full development notes.





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  1. I like Fa Premium Custard a lot …but get all time same issue, fresch mixed its Top !.but after steep its gets muted into something with no taste than buttery.

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