Flavor of the Quarter! ft. Fresh03 [ Noted: Ep. 148 ]

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Flavor Notes:

Despite the title, most of the flavours discussed this episode came out the end of last quarter as there wasn’t much released this quarter.

INW Lemons Kick:
Tastes like 7up, so like CAP Lemon Lime. But actually has some effervescence. More so than VT Fizzy Sherbet, which is slightly effervescent. This has a noticeable bubbly sensation on the tongue. Probably going to be very useful. Very pleasant. Not so much like FLV Citrus Soda, which is more like Mountain Dew.

TFA Creme de Menthe II:
Tastes exactly like the first one.

JF Sweet Strawberry Cream:
Not a good option for pepper tasters.Pretty tasty. Definitely contains some JF Sweet Strawberry. Couldn’t identify which of their creams they may be using.
Needs 4-5 days steep.

VSO Banana:
Nice soft banana. Really, really nice.

VSO Cherry:
A legitimate cherry. Goes medicinal at 3% and above. Really good from 1%.

VSO Peach:
Really nice, softer peach. No throat hit.

VSO Blackcurrant:
Natural blackcurrant. Not like the almost fermented type flavour of FA Blackcurrant. More of a richer, slightly wild, almost blackberry-ish flavour.

VSO Pear:
Pretty flavourful pear. But still can be used in the way pear is often used, to add sweetness and moisture. Will brighten up an apple recipe and make everything sweeter.

VSO Blood Orange:
Really nice, sweet, natural orange.

VSO Raspberry:
Really, really nice. Doesn’t get medicinal.

VSO Espresso:
Used in many of the VSO coffees. Really good, especially if you’re looking for a good coffee you can use at higher wattages.

VSO Watermelon:
Really nice, natural, sweet, juicy watermelon.

Chemnovatic Lemon Cream Wafer:
Formally a wholesale only flavour that they are now selling to the public. A very recognisable lemon. The lemon that’s used in Dinner Ladies Lemon Tart.

CAP Brownie V3:
Tastes like the V1, which they don’t sell anymore. Hard to tell the difference.

CAP Lemon Meringue Pie V3:
Didn’t taste any different from the V2. Less sweet than the V1

CAP Vanilla Whipped Cream V2:
Pretty solid. Has a little bit less butter.

FA Blueberry Juicy Ripe:
Natural, very flavourful and bold. Some nice, brighter tartness on the front end. But also good, ripe depth. Not especially juicy, but not overly dry either. Sweeter than an actual blueberry.
Tested at 2%. Full flavoured at 2%.

FA Mango Indian Special:
A little peel, but not much. Nice, almost honey like sweetness. Thick. Maybe mango nectar? Missing pine-y note and funky tropical ripeness of natural mango, not necessarily a negative.

FA Rhapsody:
Going to discuss on the nonsense names episode.

WF Bavarian Cream SC:
Going to discuss further on the Bavarian Cream episode in July. Dark, rich, sweet, gooey. Full mouthfeel.

WF Blueberry Gummy Candy SC:
Although an SC it’s weak. Like a blueberry fruit snack. Not as chewy or as bold as WF Strawberry Gummy Candy. Could use something like FA Blueberry Juicy Ripe to make it bolder.
Need to use around 5%.

WF Cookie Butter SC:
Great bakery additive. Not the cookie butter you get in a jar. Mostly a really good butter with a little sweet, doughy cookie. Good butter for bakeries as Tested baked in. Pretty sweet.
Use about 0.5%.

Wonderful Custard by Fresh03

WF Cream Custard SC:
No custard. Smooth, sweet cream that has a bright, but fairly light vanilla note. Some richness, a very light eggy note. Very full mouthfeel. Can be used to add weight to a mix.
Tested at 2%. Needs about 4 days steep.

WF Honey SC:
Not as floral As FA. Deeper, more base-y, thicker. Not all that sweet and sticky for a honey. Which could be a positive. Has nice honey flavour. ID10-T got slight cat pee note, but others didn’t.
Tested at 1%, 2%

WF Lemon Custard SC:
Same lemon from WF Lemon Squares. Fairly light bakery lemon that’s cooked into the custard. Smooth. Not a very eggy or heavily buttery custard. More like a pudding. Has touch of nice vanilla note.

WF Malaysian Guava SC:
Like a sweet and tart, funky, tropical lemonade. Pretty sweet. Earthy, funky base with tart, tropical citrus notes up front. Nice muskiness. Lingers a bit. Very pleasant, but not very authentic.

WF Roasted Hazelnut SC:
Going to discuss properly on Hazelnut episode next week. A nice roasted hazelnut. Has a little bit of scorched, almost smokiness to it. Almost has a creamy mouthfeel.
Tested at 2%.

WF Strawberry Cheesecake SC:
Very concentrated for WF. Needs to steep. A rich, complete cheesecake. Strawberry comes in on the end. Pretty cheesy, which may turn some people off?
Start at 0.8% for an accent in a mix and work up from there. Can use as a one shot at 2.5%. Needs between 1-1.5 weeks steep.

WF Juicy Strawberry SC:
Similar to FA Strawberry Juicy, but sweeter and more artificial. Thick and sweet. Top heavy and bright, sits at the front of a mix. A lot of EM, so probably not suitable for strawberry non-tasters.

WF Vanilla Custard SC:
Very sweet, very eggy, smooth vanilla custard underneath a dark, caramel sweetness. Very thick and rich, but not a buttery richness like FA Custard Premium. Only needs around 4 days steep.

WF Watermelon Yellow SC:
Going to discuss further on the watermelon episode in July. Juicy mouthfeel, hint of floral, but pretty easy to hide in a mix. A nice, mellow, not overly sweet watermelon. Not overly rind-y. 53.42

MB Apricot:
Slightly dry, almost like a dried apricot. But still has some softness. Has the same concentrated sweetness of a dried apricot.

MB Blueberry Jam:
A solid blueberry jam. Fairly jammy texture.
Have to use around 5-6%

MB Candy Tutti Fruitti:
Like a tutti fruitti gum.

MB Classic Belgian Waffle:
Going to discuss further on syrup delivery system episode in August. Accurate Belgian waffle flavour. Malty, has vanilla note. Better than the old INW Waffle according to Fresh!

MB Classic Cornflakes:
Far too dry and had a weird spice. ID10-T got a floral honey flavour.

MB Classic Sponge Cake:
Mostly the crunchy, browned edges of a sponge cake with a full and grainy mouthfeel. Useful to add that browned edge note to other cakes and bakeries.

MB Coctail Kiwi Fruit:
Fresh loved it, ID10-T did not. ID10-T got yoghurty sourness which was off putting and it didn’t taste like kiwi. Fresh thought it was like kiwi juice, which doesn’t taste exactly like fresh kiwi. Layers well with other kiwis. Very, very sweet.

MB Creamy Greek Yoghurt:
Same yoghurt in MB Pineapple Lassi. Creamy, smooth. Not Greek yoghurt, but a very good creamy yoghurt flavour. Hint of vanilla. Nice mouthfeel.

MB Frozen Black Forest Fruits:
Nice, sweet, dark berries with WS23 cooling. No particular berry stands out above others. Could add own berry as a main note. Pretty complex, may have limited versatility.

MB Galaxy Cheesecake (one shot):
Hazelnut cheesecake with an underlying berry sweetness.

MB Pink Grapefruit:
According to Fresh it’s an outstanding, complete red grapefruit flavour. ID10-T thought was extremely sweet, would only use as grapefruit specific sweetener. Fresh didn’t find it too sweet.

MB Raspberry Revolution Honey Berry:
Semi floral honey up front with a soft, candied raspberry in the background. Raspberry artificial, but mellow.
Tested at 6%

MB Honeydew:
Pretty mellow. Not violent like TFA Honeydew. Doesn’t overwhelm a mix. Tastes like honeydew.

MB Jelly Candy:
An additive. Slight citrus note. Which can help brighten up other fruits. Very similar to CAP Jelly Candy, which also has a bit of a citrus note.

MB Lemon Tart:
More of a nice lemon cake flavour. A fluffier cake rather than a pound cake.

MB Lychee and Dragonfruit:
Hadn’t tried it.

MB Mellow Chilli Mango (one shot):
Surprisingly tasty. Fairly authentic to the Mexican chilli candies. Has a little bit of heat.

MB Spicy White (one shot):
Harsh, spicy, chilli flavour up front. Decent white chocolate. Same mellow, candied raspberry as in MB Raspberry Revolution Honey Berry. Good mouthfeel. Harsh throat hit from the spice.

MB Original Lemonade:
At 3% Fresh found it to have part artificial, County Time style lemonade and part authentic lemon. At 4% ID10-T thought it was more like Lemon Heads candy.
Tested at 4%. Fresh recommends 3% as being a more optimal place for it. Can go candy-ish.

MB Premium Green Tea:
Hadn’t tried it.

MB Queen Delicate Pineapple:
Same pineapple in MB Pineapple Lassi. Fresh thought was sweet, candied, artificial pineapple. ID10-T got white gummy bear. Also picked up a slight liquorice note in the background.

MB Rocket Popsicle:
Decent, light cherry flavour. Almost like white cherry Power-aid. Hint of blue raspberry. Not a Bomb Pop.

MB Raspberry Revolution Soda Berry:
Sweet, candy peach up front. Nice, thick, syrupy sweetness. Followed by same, soft, artificial raspberry that’s in MB Raspberry Revolution Honey Berry. A bit of an astringent bite to it which feels out of place.

MB Soft Baked Cookie Base:
The cookie note from MB Cookie Bite. Nice, rich, brown cookie. Molasses-y, but not molasses, a dark sweetness. Some may enjoy it on its own, but predominantly an additive to other cookies.

MB The Most Sweet Cream:
A nice, rich sweet cream. Would be a good sub for TFA Sweet Cream. It’s richer and more forgiving than TFA – which gets cheesy quickly.

MB Thick Vanilla Cream:
Like ice cream after about 10 days steep. Between generic, store brand ice cream and more gourmet ice cream.

MB Yellow Cake:
As close of a sub to FW Yellow Cake as there is? Nice, spongey-ness. Very similar to OOO Yellow Cake. Could probably get one or the other.

MB Zesty Lemongrass:
More authentic than FLV Lemongrass. Hint of spiciness, but has natural green-ness.



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