Gin ? ft. Isumadog [ Noted: Ep. 147 ]

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Flavor Notes:

FLV Juniper Gin:

Very pine-y, strong juniper. Underneath that some herbal notes, hint of lavender-ish floral, touch of peppery spice. Good booziness. Can be difficult to work with, can clash with other flavours.
Tested between 0.25% and 4%. At 0.25% get resin-y, juniper without much gin. At 2% get more of the complexity, strong juniper. At 3% mostly pine. At 4% overwhelmingly pine.

Recipe :
Dragon in the Pines by Forment_life


FA Gin:

Mostly juniper. Not as potent or pine-y as FLV. No booze. A little dry. At 3% start to get a hint of lemon. Not offensive at 4%, juniper not overwhelming. A little harsh.
Tested everywhere between 1% and 4%.


FW Martini:

Little to no gin, even at 6%. But a good dry vermouth. Complex. Herbal aromatics, a bit floral. Gentle, slightly sour, white wine base behind that. A little sweetness in finish. A little thin, but appropriate for beverage.
Tested up to 6%


VT Botanical Gin:

Legitimately boozy. More authentic than FA or FLV. Also more floral, spicy and juniper is more subtle. Emphasis on herbal, floral notes rather than pine-y juniper. Also sweeter and wetter than FLV or FA. Vague citrus note. Peppery spice.
Tested at 2%, 3% and 4%. At 2% wasn’t that boozy. At 4% same flavour, but more booze.


Flavor Monks Pure Gin:

In a different league to others. Legitimately boozy. Slight throat hit, not harsh, more a boozy warmth. Very complex, great depth of flavour. Herbal back notes. Arugula-like peppery note. Hint of orange peel. Floral note like wild flower. Very mild sweetness. Has a lot of body, but still thin enough to be a beverage. Wet.
Tested at 4% and 8%. FM recommend using at 10%, but plenty of flavour at 4%. At 8% booziness and juniper pretty intense.


Flavor Monks Gin in Paris:

Gin with orange and banana. Tastes like mixing gin and a very ripe banana into an Orange Julius. Banana brings creaminess that doesn’t work with gin. Pretty good banana. But overall very odd.
Tested at 4%


Flavor Monks Vero Gin:

Supposedly gin with raspberry. 4% is banana with gin. Little to no berry. What berry there is not sweet. Green note, from either the banana or berry. Some tartness.
Tested at 4%. Maybe it comes together at a higher %? FM recommend using at 10%.


FM Gin and Tonic:

Tonic very authentic, but a lot of it. Overwhelms nuances of FM Pure Gin. Gin is still present, but get just the broad strokes – booziness, juniper with a little of the herbal notes in the back. No effervescence.
Tested at 4%


VT Tonic:

Slight, non-descript bitterness. Lacks effervescence.


FM Red Gin:

Supposedly dark cherries with gin. More a bright red, candy, medicinal cherry cough drop- with FM Pure Gin. A little maraschino-ish. Extremely sweet. A bit chalky to some.
Tested at 4%


FM Gin Orange:

An orange flavoured gin rather than gin and orange juice. The orange is bright, mandarin-like. Not same orange as FM Orange.
Tested at 4%



Mixed berries with gin. Really nicely balanced. Like gin that previously had berries steeped in it. Similar to FA Forest Fruit. Gin identifiable as FM Pure Gin, but the way it mixes with the berries makes it a bit smoother, less junipery, less spicy.
Tested at 4%



Use Polar Blast with gin. It cools on the exhale, so you’ll still get the warmth from the booziness and a bit of cooling on the end. It won’t interfere with the nuances of the gin too much. WS-23 is going to bulldoze over the herbal, botanical notes of the gin. It may likely also kill the boozy note.




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