10-Loop: Fruit Loops DIY E-liquid Recipe

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This is my recipe tackling Fruit Loops in Milk. Took quite some time to develop, but here is the latest and most refined recipe. Notes: https://diyordie.link/10loop-atf


CAP Super Sweet     0.5%FW Yogurt     1%TPA Banana Nut Bread     1.5%TPA Brown Sugar     1%TPA Dairy/Milk     0.5%TPA Frosted Donut     3%TPA Fruit Circles     6.5%TPA Key Lime Pie     1.5%TPA Rice Crunchies     2.5%TPA Vanilla Custard II     2.5%

Total Flavor: 20.5%

10-Loop is a Fruit Loops in Milk DIY e-liquid recipe. Nothing less, nothing more. After taking quite some time to develop this recipe, I think I’ve created a delicious, accurate rendition, that’s vapeable quite soon after mixing it.

10-Loop took a bit to develop. Looking through the backlog of my recipes, I’ve noticed Fruit Loops was one I’ve rejected. Well, I decided to take a crack at it myself. One of the biggest hurdles of the recipe was to balance the sweet fruity Loop flavor, along with the milk body. Usually the two blend together, and even in this recipe, you’ll notice this a bit. But this is the most refined version I’ve created thus far. Feel free to leave any comments, tweaks, or suggestions for the recipe down below.

Some other notes on the recipe; this is a recipe that needs at least 2 days to steep. It’s pretty much un-vapable after a shake. But even just an overnight steep blends the sharp lemon down, creating the Loop flavor. Another note is that I’m still looking to pull more texture out of the recipe. You may see some subtle tweaks to the recipe over its life-time.

Flavor Notes:

TFA Fruit Circles: There are so many cereal flavorings available to us today. But I simply keep coming back to the OG, TFA Fruit Circles. While it’s not perfect, it’s the least offensive and does just a good enough job at recreating that Loops flavor. I wanted to ensure this recipe is completely full-flavored. So cranking this ingredient up to 6.5% allows that – but it also means the rest of the recipe will need to follow suit.

TFA Key Lime Pie: One of the lacking flavor notes in Fruit Circles is lime. I needed to add some lime in to really get that accurate Loop flavor. Key Lime is the right note, and TFA Key Lime Pie gives us that – while also bringing along a bit of creaminess that won’t add too much acidity to the mix.

TFA Banana Nut Bread: Every recipe has it’s “secret weapon”. In this recipe, it’s the Banana Nut Bread. This ingredient, at a low 1.5%, brings along some bakery texture as well as a bit of banana sweetness. That banana sweetness help really add to the depth of the milk flavor.

TFA Rice Crunchies: In order to add a bit more texture, I decided to opt for TFA Rice Crunchies rather than AP. This is because the AP ended up really muting the mix, covering too much of the intricacies of the mix, and imparting too much of its odd Frito flavor. Rice Crunchies is just perfect here.

TFA Frosted Donut: I’ve been finding that Frosted Donut at lower percentages like 1-3%, does a great job at offering a yellow cake like flavor when paired with some creams but more importantly, that sugary type glaze (yes, frosting if you will). This cakey flavor, with sugary glaze, gives the cereal a great accurate finish.

TFA Dairy / FW Yogurt: In order to create the milk, I needed something very bold in flavor, but wasn’t too thick. Dairy has such a powerful milk note, it worked great in this situation. Adding 1% of FW Yogurt gives the Dairy a bit of body that the flavoring on its own doesn’t impart.

TFA Vanilla Custard 2: Finally, Vanilla Custard 2 is a great vanilla pudding flavor. The reason I needed it in here is to help push that milky flavor a bit more towards the body of the mix (at first, it was residing a bit too much on the top layer).



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