Honey Raisin RY4 – DIY E-liquid Recipe

Honey Raisin RY4


Trying to encapsulate the RY4's of yesteryear. This is the version I've landed upon thus far. Rich & nutty RY4, laid upon a raisin honey graham cracker.


CAP Super Sweet     0.25%DFS HOLY HOLY GRAIL RY4     6%FLV Raisin Rum     1.25%HS RY4     1%TPA Dx Peanut Butter     3%TPA Graham Cracker Clear     3%VT Honeycomb     3%

Total Flavor: 17.5%

Flavor Notes:

HS RY4 / Holy Holy Grail RY4: Finding a good combo of RY4 can be a daunting task, in a good way. There are a lot of great RY4 options out there, and they all seem to blend pretty well with eachother. In this recipe, because I wanted a more honey-focused flavor, I chose to go with the rich Holy Holy Grail RY4 and paired it up with the deeper, nuttier Hangsen RY4. This creates a really well balanced RY4 that you can vape on its own.

TFA DX Peanut Butter: Now adding PB to an RY4 is no secret. But this is the secret weapon of the mix. I wanted to bring a bit more nuttiness to the mix, to help add to the texture of the honey (otherwise it’d be too thin and light). TFA DX Peanut Butter helps does just that, while adding some nice nuttiness and texture to the already rich RY4.

VT Honeycomb: This is the only honey flavoring I can think to add to this recipe. It’s going to not just add a sweet honey note to the top of the recipe, but also bring along some nice buttery flavor to help fill out the finish. This only gets better with time.

TFA Graham Cracker: And to fill out the rest of the body, I used the trust TFA Graham Cracker. Because it also packs a simple bakery note and light honey, it fits perfectly in this situation.

FLV Raisin Rum: Finally, adding the Raisin Rum helps bring a deep fruity sweetness, with a tinge of whiskey, to the mix. This ends up on the base of the mix, which gives the recipe more depth.



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