FDA States Vaping May Exacerbate Covid Issues

FDA Newest Vaping Propaganda

You’d think during the middle of one of the worst epidemics we’ve seen in the modern day, the FDA would be more present in helping fight the cause rather than try and make connections to their formidable foe, the vaping industry. But alas, here we are, and here they have done just that. According to Bloomberg, the FDA states

“People with underlying health issues, such as heart or lung problems, may have increased risk for serious complications from Covid-19…This includes people who smoke and/or vape tobacco or nicotine-containing products.”

This statement from the FDA is not only foolish and misleading, but also potentially dangerous. Even more so when FDA Spokesman Michael Felberbaum states “E-cigarettes can damage lung cells”. This all comes from one BLOG POST from the National Institute on Drug Abuse that failed to prove lung inflammation but did show depressed immunity in mice lungs when choked in a room full of vaper for 4 months. Check out the “research” here. As for any other research or proof that vaping may exacerbate Covid-19 symptoms, there is none.

Now, I want to be the first to admit that if there was even the slightest bit of proof that HUMAN lung immunity was being depressed by vaping, I would certainly think twice about the amount of vaping I do currently during Coronavirus. But there isn’t any. So why is this type of rhetoric from the FDA dangerous? Because it can cause many to continue smoking, or even go back to smoking, which we know carries true detriment to the lungs at both the cellular level, and in its immunity. It’s foolish to stoke the flames of fear in trying times like these. It’s also hard not to wear the tin foil hat, when it’s obvious there is a clear route of ecig removal from the market, by utilizing panic from Covid. Is that the case, or is the FDA and other health officials just inept? I’d like to believe the latter, but the former has been true many times before.



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