Toffee ft. Fresh03 [ Noted: ep. 142 ]

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Flavor Notes:

VT Hard Crack Toffee:

Not toffee. More coffee with some toffee. Petty good coffee. Although touch of burnt popcorn off note and slightly skunky. Lingers in atomizer.



TFA English Toffee:

Toffee flavoured cheese. Tastes like has TFA Cheesecake in it (not TFA Cheesecake Graham Crust). Out of place astringency. Very thin.



DV Toffee:

No real off notes. But quite thin, not very sweet. A little dark. A little harsh.



HS Caramel Toffee:

More caramel than toffee. Good, rich caramel. Very dark. Not very sweet. Can be a little dry. Not very thick or smooth. But not astringent. More of an accent to other toffees, caramels etc.



FLV Toffee:

A bit thin. Lacks a little sweetness. It’s very dark without tasting burnt. Buttery. Odd fruity sourness, can be covered. But not the easiest toffee to work with.

Recipe- Buffalo Burlington, Pheasant Ridge both by Fear

Jacked up Sundae – Tam Vapes



VT Honeycomb:

Not a straight, classic toffee. Rich, dark, very sweet. Slight chocolate note- more implies chocolate. Can use it to darken other things.



VT Butter Toffee Base:

Has a slight twang, but not unpleasant. Has sour milk off note at higher %s. Very rich, very buttery. A little dark.

Use around 0.5-0.75%. Don’t use above around 1%. Gets sour.



FW Toffee Dream Cream:

Astringent, thin, odd spiciness that can’t be covered. Not very sweet. Tastes like has too much AP in it. Some vanilla cream.



FW Butter Toffee:

More butterscotch, or a buttery caramel sauce. Not quite as dark as VT Butter Toffee Base, but just as sweet.

Use up to 2% max.



VT English Toffee:

A really good toffee. No off notes. Very rich, very thick, very smooth, great mouthfeel. Sticky, very sweet. A little butter, but dry enough for crunchy, candy type toffee. Versatile.



VT Toffee Ice Cream:

Rich, very buttery. Nice sweetness. A little dark. Good mouthfeel. Medium thick, slightly fluffier ice cream. Very veslightly. Nice depth and saturation.

Can use as low as 0.75% to add a darker accent. Or can use at 6-7% as a SF.



INW Horned Toffee:

Perfect toffee syrup layer. Rich, dark, very sweet. Authentic toffee flavour. Melted toffee sauce. Not that good as a single toffee or toffee main note. Works best as an accent.



OOO Butter Toffee:

Really good. Nice, rich butter. Dark sweetness. Can be a bit thin, benefits from something like a butterscotch to back it up.

Very potent, use between 0.5%-1%.




Michigan Scone by MINikon and Addy Tuney


Buffalo Burlington by Fear

Pheasant Ridge by Fear

Jacked up Sundae by TamVapes




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