Reference Flavor Under $15? Gas Mods GR1 S Review

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Gas Mods GR1 is Impressive!

I talk about Reference Flavor a lot on DIYorDIE. This is because it’s very important to have a base level, or clean guide, to build your flavors on top of. Without it, what you taste in your recipe, may taste completely different to someone else – all because of their RDA. For instance, if you are editing a photo on your computer, but you’re monitor isn’t “perfectly” calibrated – say it’s too yellow – than every tweak you make will overcompensate for those stronger yellows. So if someone gets that photo, and their monitor doesn’t have those strong yellow hues, then they will view the image very differently. The same goes with mixing! So having a great reference is vital for mixers who want to share their work.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many “reference” flavor RDA’s. Let alone affordable ones. Well today, I want to add another to the list. The Gas Mods GR 1 S. This tiny RDA is only $15 and provides a completely neutral, yet saturated and vibrant RDA. In the video above, I discuss what I like most about the RDA, what I don’t like about the RDA, and I compare it against other reference RDA’s like the Hadaly – but also the Pixie, another reference RDA at a cheap price. Check out the video above! And be sure to leave a like if you enjoyed the video or found it helpful. Any comments, concerns, or suggestions, feel free to leave them down below.



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