Red / Fuji Apple ? ft. UnappreciatedRobot [ Noted: ep. 144 ]

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Flavor Notes:

HC (Health Cabin) Fuji Apple:

Sweet, tart, yet red apple. Touch of a grassy, green apple top note. Over a syrupy base- like Fuji apple syrup. Disjointed, some separation between top note and base. Not a bad flavour. Usable in a mix.

Tested at 1%. May come together better higher or lower?



TFA Apple:

No off notes. But boring. Not very bright, mellow, a bit flat. Slightly artificial, like a generic, store brand apple juice. Not very sweet, not dry but not very juicy.

Tested at 4%. Tried up to 8%, pushing it up higher doesn’t make it bolder.



FLV Apple:

Like apple juice. Brighter and more flavourful than TFA More depth, sweeter. Very sweet, without being candy. Not very juicy. Could add something like a pear to make it more juicy?

Full flavoured at 1%. Starts to get a little dry around 2%



FA Apple Stark:

Fairly sweet red apple. Pretty accurate to a Red Delicious. Nice depth. Natural feeling sweetness. Lacks crispness. Not that juicy. Very smooth, no harshness. Has some body.

Tested at 2% and 3%.



INW Shisha Apple:

Really tart, but not a green apple. More syrupy than juicy. May be hard to work with as so syrupy. May only work in certain mixes and probably something a recipe would have to be built around.



FLV Apple Pop:

Tastes like apple pieces tossed in melted sugar with a little cinnamon. Really bold, very sweet and tasty. But have to use where some peel, a little spice and a whole lot of sweetness wouldn’t be out of place.



VT Fuji Red Apple:

Really, really sweet and a little flat, which gives it a candy vibe. Really bold, full flavoured, punchy, good depth. Quite a bit of body and thickness. More peel than other Fujis. Tartness that usually comes from peel runs all the way through.



FLV Red Apple:

Very authentic to and very clearly a natural, red apple. Has a lot of depth, bold, full flavoured. Has a little bit of peel that’s crisp, but not tart. Mealy texture. the

Tested at 1%, 1.5%, 2% and  3%. Use around 1%. When used too high starts to get really deep, ripe and mushy. Looses the crispness.



CAP Fuji Apple:

Really good. Bright, bold, nice thickness and juiciness. Fresh tasting. A bit bottom heavy, lacks some tartness. But shines in its sweetness and juiciness. Has mealy texture.



DEL Red Delicious Apple:

Delightfully mediocre. But pretty good. Fairly mellow, nice sweetness that lends itself towards candy. Not particularly juicy. A mellow apple candy.

Tested at 5%.



PUR Country Apple:

A baked, mushy apple. Has no spice note, which makes it more versatile. Has some cooked apple type peel. Like cooked Fuji apple, as has some subdued tartness.



FA Fuji:

Very bright, fresh, crisp, clean, authentic. Pretty sweet. Does fade a bit over time. Too sharp for some, while for others sharpness adds to brightness. Can be harsh to some at higher %s but gets smoother with steep.  A little thin, not much body but juicy.

Tested at 2%. The amount of flavour does increase as the % is increased, but peel can get spicy and may become sharp or harsh to some.



JF Fuji:

Very similar to FA Fuji. JF isn’t quite as a bright, and so not as sharp or harsh. Has some peel, but doesn’t get the spiciness FA does. A little bit sweeter than FA. Also a little more full bodied and thicker. Has a bit of a syrupy body. But slightly less juicy.




Deer Lodge by ConcreteRiver – Apple cider pudding. All FLV recipe.


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