Red Astaire DIY Remix / Clone – DIY E-liquid Recipe

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Red Mistaire

This recipe was an idea from someone in chat – where I took my Berry Blend favorite One-Shot Misty, and simply pair it with the delicious and Euro Cool Anise Bliss from Capella. This recipe is not only extremely easy to mix up, but it’s very close to the core of Red Astaire. Absolutely delicious. Check out the recipe below.

Red Mistaire - Red Astaire Remix


This is a remix of Red Astaire from T-Juice using my Misty One-Shot and CAP Cool Anise Bliss. Sweet, sticky, red berries with light anise and cooling. Truly an excellent and easy ADV for anyone who enjoys Red Astaire. Made on:


CAP Cool Anise Bliss     2.5%CAP Super Sweet     0.5%DOD Misty     12%

Total Flavor: 15%

Deep Red Astaire

This next recipe was created on the show from scratch. The idea was to create a deeper berry flavor, compared to Mistaire. I did this by using some deeper berry notes, and a touch of cherry. The result is a much stickier, deeper, and more lingering berry blend with punch of anise on the finish. Mix this up now.

Deep Red Astaire


This is a remix of T-Juice Red Astaire, that utilizes a deeper berry and cherry note in the mix. Different from Mistaire, which is a bit brighter and sweeter. Made on:


CAP 27 Fish     1.5%CAP Super Sweet     0.5%CAP Sweet Blend     2%FLV Black Currant     1%MB Red Cherry     2%WF Boysenberry Raspberry SC     3.5%

Total Flavor: 10.5%


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