Corona Lime – DIY E-liquid Recipe

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Ayyeee Corona

In the video above, I attempt to recreate the popular Mexican beer, Corona with a Lime Wedge. With a little help from our friend Max Savage of the Developed Podcast crew, who recommended to add a bit of FLV Virigina to add in that “hay” or “wheat” like flavor, the mix comes together very accurately, but also is extremely vapeable and refreshing. If you’re looking to get away on a beach, kick back, and crack open a Corona, especially in times like these, then this recipe might help you get there.

Corona Lime


Trying to emulate a Corona with Lime. The lemons, bitters, and hops create the base. The Tobacco adds the hay/wheat like flavor of the beer (trust me, it's not "tobacco" flavored) shout out to Max Savage for this suggestion. The Lime Wedge is the lime. Made on:


FLV Lime Wedge     1%FLV Virginia Tobacco     1.5%FLV Yakima Hops     1.5%FE Lemon     1.5%FA Lemon Sicily     0.5%VT Bitters     0.25%

Total Flavor: 6.25%

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  1. Geez, another recipe I want to mix, but once again, another order of concentrates…:)

    But seriously, how about the same recipe for Pacifico?

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