Almond ft. RainbowDragon [ Noted: Ep. 143 ]

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Flavor Notes:

OOO Almond:

Definitely the worst! 1% plastic, vinyl off note. 2% nail polish.



VT Almond:

Similar to OOO. Unusable. Sour, astringent. Very strong vinyl plastic off note. VT Almond is like their Apricot. Strong plastic off note.



NV (Nic Vape) Almond:

Plastic with lemon.



RF Almond:

Fresh Tupperware! Plastic off note.



Bickford Almond:

Below 4% very, very light in flavour. Slight almond-ish note.



TFA Almond:

No body. Barely an almond. Really thin. Gets plastic-y when taken up too high.



DEL Almond:

Delightfully mediocre! Coconut almond. A little on the candy side. Really sweet and a bit artificial. Unimpressive. Really light on flavour.

Tested up to 6%. Pencil shavings at 6%



INW Almond:

1% touch of cherry. Mostly the inside of the nut, not the skin. Slight plastic off note.



BF (Bakers Flavors- rebranded as Gourmet Super Concentrates) Almond:

Almost identical to Disarano Ameretto. Some may find it very harsh, even after steeping, mixing it with smoother ingredients and at lower %s.



FA Almond:

Natural, raw almond. A little dry. The almond skin note isn’t over powering. ¬†Slightly sweet. Hint of cherry, similar to almond extract. Medium body. Not too thin or too heavy. Some richness without being too thick and base-y. Very versatile.



NF (Nature’s Flavors) Organic Almond:

Ameretto. Not harsh. Really forgiving. At higher % becomes a really good cooked cherry. Has almond and cherry with some vanilla notes. Really sweet. The higher you take it the more cherry it gets.



RF Almond SC:

The SC version. Really nice toasted almond. 1% full flavoured. Hint of sweet cherry, coconut notes.



LA Almond Natural:

Pretty forgiving. No terrible off notes. 1% is full almond with skin. A little higher it starts getting a little toasted.

Around 4% is a perfectly balanced almond.




Toasted Almonds:

NV (Nic Vape) Almond Toasted:

Some vanilla and cherry notes. 3% is a vanilla toasted almond. A lot of unnecessary vanilla. Nail polish off note if used too high.



FW Toasted Almond:

1% burnt, gross and walnut-y. 2% caramel-y, some vanilla and cherry in the almond, really deep- molasses? 3% more vanilla notes, burnt sugar, almond flesh, a little metallic. Off notes could be covered. But why?!



CAP Toasted Almond:

More of roasted note, not a lot of almond. Dark, lovely sweetness. Use to make another almond, or any nut,¬† toasted because it’s so toasted, without a lot of almond.



TFA Toasted Almond:

Not sweet. Natural, very realistic. A lot of body and good amount of toastiness. Very dry. Has slight greenish astringency, but it can be covered. Too low or too high has pine-y off note.

Use below 2%





INW Marzipan:

Not marzipan. Potent. 0.25% changes a recipe. At 0.5% it’s a bright, semi tart cherry. Sweet cherry candy with a strong Ameretto accent. Very thick and dense.

Use around 0.25%-0.5%.



FA Marzipan:

Not marzipan. More of a cherry. Very candy. Kool-aid or flat cherry soda with touch of almond extract. Vanilla note. Slightly tart, sweet, thick cherry with slightly nutty undertone. Very sweet.



OOO Marzipan:

At 1% has incredibly buttery consistency, like consistency of real marzipan. Also authentic flavour of marzipan.





SA Nougatine V2:

Coffee creamer with a non-descript nut. Light in flavour. Plastic off notes. Too light and too many off notes to be useable.



FA Torrone:

Fairly accurate to Italian type of nougat, has lemon zest, almond, pistachio, vanilla, sugar, honey and egg whites. Dry and thin. Generic nuttiness. Strong lemon note. Can be a bit pine-y.

Use below 0.5% to avoid it becoming overly lemony and pine-y. Although has successfully been used much higher in a few recipes.




-Stag Night by Wh1skeyk1ng – Uses 3% of FA Torrone. But it works.

-Another Blueberry Glazed Doughnut by SlashaLo – lemon and Blueberry work together so it makes sense.

-Yum Yums by SweetPoisonKim – Uses it at 0.5%

-Creamy Cuban by Fear – uses it at 1%. Good recipe if let steep.

-Rhodinite by ENYAWRECKLAW – Lemon note accents the raspberry.


INW Nougat:

RainbowDragon SFT as SNV 3%- strong nougat, sweet, medium mouthfeel and thickness. Emily SFT at 1% with month steep- really dark, really rich, thick nougat. ID10-T SFT at 1.5% and got butiric note, but steeps out.

Tested at up to 3%



Euro Flavors Nougat:

ID10-T got honey and mouldy sawdust. RainbowDragon found it had something a bit off at certain %s, easily covered in a mix. Nutty with cream cheese icing note. At 4%- toasted almonds with a lot of cocoa butter.

Tested up to 4%



German Flavours Nougat:

Gooey, honey caramel sauce with prominent hazelnut. No almond.



SA Nougatine V1:

Honey, nougat, cherry, almond, eggy. Then at higher %s slight woody note but like a Three Musketeers nougat. Really sweet. At 4% get a touch of plastic note.

Use under 4%.





FW Almond Ameretto:

No flavour at all. When % increased just nail polish remover and pine.



FW Ameretto:

Like shrimp and crabs with Old Bay.



Fairy’s Finest Ameretto:

Smells amazing. Faint Ameretto, but almost no flavour. Even at 8%.

Tested at 1%, 2%, 3%, 5% and 8%.



Euro Flavors Ameretto:

Slight dark almond, but barely any flavour. When % increased becomes chemically.



LA Ameretto:

RainbowDragon got lemon tea at 2%. Floral lemon rind at higher %. Emily got lemon tea note. Also earthiness and a fruity cherry-ish sweetness. Syrupy sweet. Deep.

Tested at 2%



TFA Almond Ameretto:

Disjointed. Cherry and almond separate. First two thirds – sweet, very dry, woody, natural, slightly toasted almond-y flavour. Then sweet maraschino cherry with slight plastic note. Plastic can probably be covered.

Tested at 2%



OOO Ameretto:

1% is sweet, a little perfumey, very candy. 2% astringent plastic nastiness.



FLV Ameretto Sour:

Musty note. Slight koolada on the end. Like oddly nutty, flat cherry cola. Has a little spice. Touch of floral, but not perfumey. Lacks the sweet and sour of an Ameretto sour. No alcoholic bite.




Misc. Almonds:

Bickford Chocolate Almond:

Tastes like balsa wood smells.



FW Almond Toffee Candy:

Dry, astringent, faint burnt almond at 1%. 3% is toffee/ caramel flavour with no almond. Any higher is nail polish, metallic.



TFA Chocolate Coconut Almond Candy Bar:

At 1%, a lot of coconut. Vague nutty, chocolatey flavour. A little malted milk. Sour tang, like that in cheesecake. 2% is Band Aids. Harsh. Also new car smell off note.



SA Vanilla Custard Nougatine:

ID10-T tried at 4% and 6 days steep. Got butiric note. But is sensitive to butiric. RainbowDragon really enjoyed it between 1-3%. Thick, eggy, lightly caramelized sugar type sweetness, vanilla note.

Use below 4%. Starts to get weird at 4%.



WF Almond Custard:

Not almond custard. Light, lacks eggy note of custard. More of a cream with light nutty flavour.



NF (Nature’s Flavors) Almond Cream:

Soft serve ice cream, smooth vanilla, very dairy forward with what is almost nougat, but without the honey and malted notes. Nice almond note.



PUR Cream Cheese Danish with a Toasted Almond:

Strong, rich cream cheese. Danish type, flakey, spongey texture. Sweet. Nice toasted almond note. Toastiness gets darker the longer it steeps. Also gets a little dry after steep.

Tested at 3%. Very strong so could be used lower.



WF Almond Cookie SC:

Lovely, strong almond flavour right up front, followed by soft, fluffy, home-made cookie that’s a little gooey in the centre. Buttery, moist. Just dry enough to be a cookie, but a bit cake-y.



Tasty Puffs Almond Milk:

RainbowDragon’s favourite of the week. Like the milk left over in the bowl after eating Cheerios. Really sweet, smooth, full flavoured. Definite almond. Authentic almond milk. No vanilla.

1% is full flavoured.




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