Almond ft. RainbowDragon [ Noted: Ep. 143 ]

Flavor Notes:

OOO Almond:

Definitely the worst! 1% plastic, vinyl off note. 2% nail polish.



VT Almond:

Similar to OOO. Unusable. Sour, astringent. Very strong vinyl plastic off note. VT Almond is like their Apricot. Strong plastic off note.



NV (Nic Vape) Almond:

Plastic with lemon.



RF Almond:

Fresh Tupperware! Plastic off note.



Bickford Almond:

Below 4% very, very light in flavour. Slight almond-ish note.



TFA Almond:

No body. Barely an almond. Really thin. Gets plastic-y when taken up too high.



DEL Almond:

Delightfully mediocre! Coconut almond. A little on the candy side. Really sweet and a bit artificial. Unimpressive. Really light on flavour.

Tested up to 6%. Pencil shavings at 6%



INW Almond:

1% touch of cherry. Mostly the inside of the nut, not the skin. Slight plastic off note.



BF (Bakers Flavors- rebranded as Gourmet Super Concentrates) Almond:

Almost identical to Disarano Ameretto. Some may find it very harsh, even after steeping, mixing it with smoother ingredients and at lower %s.



FA Almond:

Natural, raw almond. A little dry. The almond skin note isn’t over powering.  Slightly sweet. Hint of cherry, similar to almond extract. Medium body. Not too thin or too heavy. Some richness without being too thick and base-y. Very versatile.



NF (Nature’s Flavors) Organic Almond:

Ameretto. Not harsh. Really forgiving. At higher % becomes a really good cooked cherry. Has almond and cherry with some vanilla notes. Really sweet. The higher you take it the more cherry it gets.



RF Almond SC:

The SC version. Really nice toasted almond. 1% full flavoured. Hint of sweet cherry, coconut notes.



LA Almond Natural:

Pretty forgiving. No terrible off notes. 1% is full almond with skin. A little higher it starts getting a little toasted.

Around 4% is a perfectly balanced almond.




Toasted Almonds:

NV (Nic Vape) Almond Toasted:

Some vanilla and cherry notes. 3% is a vanilla toasted almond. A lot of unnecessary vanilla. Nail polish off note if used too high.



FW Toasted Almond:

1% burnt, gross and walnut-y. 2% caramel-y, some vanilla and cherry in the almond, really deep- molasses? 3% more vanilla notes, burnt sugar, almond flesh, a little metallic. Off notes could be covered. But why?!



CAP Toasted Almond:

More of roasted note, not a lot of almond. Dark, lovely sweetness. Use to make another almond, or any nut,  toasted because it’s so toasted, without a lot of almond.



TFA Toasted Almond:

Not sweet. Natural, very realistic. A lot of body and good amount of toastiness. Very dry. Has slight greenish astringency, but it can be covered. Too low or too high has pine-y off note.

Use below 2%





INW Marzipan:

Not marzipan. Potent. 0.25% changes a recipe. At 0.5% it’s a bright, semi tart cherry. Sweet cherry candy with a strong Ameretto accent. Very thick and dense.

Use around 0.25%-0.5%.



FA Marzipan:

Not marzipan. More of a cherry. Very candy. Kool-aid or flat cherry soda with touch of almond extract. Vanilla note. Slightly tart, sweet, thick cherry with slightly nutty undertone. Very sweet.



OOO Marzipan:

At 1% has incredibly buttery consistency, like consistency of real marzipan. Also authentic flavour of marzipan.





SA Nougatine V2:

Coffee creamer with a non-descript nut. Light in flavour. Plastic off notes. Too light and too many off notes to be useable.



FA Torrone:

Fairly accurate to Italian type of nougat, has lemon zest, almond, pistachio, vanilla, sugar, honey and egg whites. Dry and thin. Generic nuttiness. Strong lemon note. Can be a bit pine-y.

Use below 0.5% to avoid it becoming overly lemony and pine-y. Although has successfully been used much higher in a few recipes.




-Stag Night by Wh1skeyk1ng – Uses 3% of FA Torrone. But it works.

-Another Blueberry Glazed Doughnut by SlashaLo – lemon and Blueberry work together so it makes sense.

-Yum Yums by SweetPoisonKim – Uses it at 0.5%

-Creamy Cuban by Fear – uses it at 1%. Good recipe if let steep.

-Rhodinite by ENYAWRECKLAW – Lemon note accents the raspberry.


INW Nougat:

RainbowDragon SFT as SNV 3%- strong nougat, sweet, medium mouthfeel and thickness. Emily SFT at 1% with month steep- really dark, really rich, thick nougat. ID10-T SFT at 1.5% and got butiric note, but steeps out.

Tested at up to 3%



Euro Flavors Nougat:

ID10-T got honey and mouldy sawdust. RainbowDragon found it had something a bit off at certain %s, easily covered in a mix. Nutty with cream cheese icing note. At 4%- toasted almonds with a lot of cocoa butter.

Tested up to 4%



German Flavours Nougat:

Gooey, honey caramel sauce with prominent hazelnut. No almond.



SA Nougatine V1:

Honey, nougat, cherry, almond, eggy. Then at higher %s slight woody note but like a Three Musketeers nougat. Really sweet. At 4% get a touch of plastic note.

Use under 4%.





FW Almond Ameretto:

No flavour at all. When % increased just nail polish remover and pine.



FW Ameretto:

Like shrimp and crabs with Old Bay.



Fairy’s Finest Ameretto:

Smells amazing. Faint Ameretto, but almost no flavour. Even at 8%.

Tested at 1%, 2%, 3%, 5% and 8%.



Euro Flavors Ameretto:

Slight dark almond, but barely any flavour. When % increased becomes chemically.



LA Ameretto:

RainbowDragon got lemon tea at 2%. Floral lemon rind at higher %. Emily got lemon tea note. Also earthiness and a fruity cherry-ish sweetness. Syrupy sweet. Deep.

Tested at 2%



TFA Almond Ameretto:

Disjointed. Cherry and almond separate. First two thirds – sweet, very dry, woody, natural, slightly toasted almond-y flavour. Then sweet maraschino cherry with slight plastic note. Plastic can probably be covered.

Tested at 2%



OOO Ameretto:

1% is sweet, a little perfumey, very candy. 2% astringent plastic nastiness.



FLV Ameretto Sour:

Musty note. Slight koolada on the end. Like oddly nutty, flat cherry cola. Has a little spice. Touch of floral, but not perfumey. Lacks the sweet and sour of an Ameretto sour. No alcoholic bite.




Misc. Almonds:

Bickford Chocolate Almond:

Tastes like balsa wood smells.



FW Almond Toffee Candy:

Dry, astringent, faint burnt almond at 1%. 3% is toffee/ caramel flavour with no almond. Any higher is nail polish, metallic.



TFA Chocolate Coconut Almond Candy Bar:

At 1%, a lot of coconut. Vague nutty, chocolatey flavour. A little malted milk. Sour tang, like that in cheesecake. 2% is Band Aids. Harsh. Also new car smell off note.



SA Vanilla Custard Nougatine:

ID10-T tried at 4% and 6 days steep. Got butiric note. But is sensitive to butiric. RainbowDragon really enjoyed it between 1-3%. Thick, eggy, lightly caramelized sugar type sweetness, vanilla note.

Use below 4%. Starts to get weird at 4%.



WF Almond Custard:

Not almond custard. Light, lacks eggy note of custard. More of a cream with light nutty flavour.



NF (Nature’s Flavors) Almond Cream:

Soft serve ice cream, smooth vanilla, very dairy forward with what is almost nougat, but without the honey and malted notes. Nice almond note.



PUR Cream Cheese Danish with a Toasted Almond:

Strong, rich cream cheese. Danish type, flakey, spongey texture. Sweet. Nice toasted almond note. Toastiness gets darker the longer it steeps. Also gets a little dry after steep.

Tested at 3%. Very strong so could be used lower.



WF Almond Cookie SC:

Lovely, strong almond flavour right up front, followed by soft, fluffy, home-made cookie that’s a little gooey in the centre. Buttery, moist. Just dry enough to be a cookie, but a bit cake-y.



Tasty Puffs Almond Milk:

RainbowDragon’s favourite of the week. Like the milk left over in the bowl after eating Cheerios. Really sweet, smooth, full flavoured. Definite almond. Authentic almond milk. No vanilla.

1% is full flavoured.




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