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I don’t dive into the relationship between hardware and flavor enough on this website. Today, I wanted to change that, and add my opinions & psuedo-scientific take to the mixing discussion. So what is the relationship, if any, is there between airflow and flavor? Well, I was able to take a few different types of RDA’s, tanks, and pods, put them head-to-head, and record my findings. But before we get into those results, I do want to talk about variables, and some of the failings, that may have come from this “test”.


This of course isn’t a perfect scientific test. It’s more anecdotal and opinion based, and it needs to be said. All the results in this test are completely my own – and are solely based on my palate, biases, and sensitivities. Because the subjectivity in taste is so great, it’s hard to have concrete answers for anything. So keep this in mind.

I also want to note that not all RDA’s and airflows are created equal. Meaning, the direct side airflow of the Hadaly may produce completely different results when compared to even the Hadeon – which is applies the same type of airflow, on a different RDA. There is so much more to an RDA than just airflow. And this may be the biggest failing of the test, as it’s something I’ll need to dig deeper in a separate article/study.

Finally, there’s also the failing of recipe variance. Each flavoring and its flavor output, can change greatly depending on different RDA’s, and not just airflow. The recipe I chose doesn’t change between atomizers, but that’s not to say that specific recipe is the “optimal” recipe for ALL of those devices.

Nonetheless, the main point of this is to give a rough understanding of the relationship between airflow from different atomizers and flavor output. It’s not meant to result in “what’s the absolute best atomizer for vaping”. So if you’re downvoting in the comments because I trashed your favorite RDA – save your time and kick rocks. I don’t give a shit.

The Recipe

 CAPSweet Strawberry5%
FAJuicy Strawberry2%
FWBavarian Cream1.5%
INWYes We Cheesecake1.5%
FWSweet Cream1%
CAPSuper Sweet0.5%


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