Bubblegum ?ft. Hex [ Noted: Ep. 140 ]

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Flavor Notes by DixxleRoo

Bickford Bubblegum:

Burnt rubber at every % tested. No bubblegum. Spice note

Tested at 1%, 3%, 5%



VT Bubblegum Base:

Strong black liquorice with bubblegum. Wetter and juicier than most, if not all, the other flavours on this list.



INW Purple Gum:

Not bubblegum, morean average grape candy. No chewy, gum texture. Those with a sensitivity to soapiness, like ID10-T, it’s laundry detergent with vague candied fruitiness

Tested at 1.5%. ID10-T tested at 2-3%- very soapy. 1%- still very soapy.



Tasty Puff Juicy Pink:

The bubblegum flavour you get at the dentists.  Chemical off note. Very dry and chalky.

Tested at 2%



Fairy’s Finest Bubblegum:

No flavour at 4%, raw VG. At 8% some flavour, like Bazooka Bubblegum To get saturated flavour would have to use very high. No mouthfeel. Pretty thin and dry.

Tested at 4% and 8%.



DEL Bubblegum:

Wintergreen note. A bit of minty cooling. But with an average tasting pink bubblegum. No texture, very flat and thin. No chalkiness. Even at 5% is pretty light in flavour.



TFA Bubblegum Fruity:

Not bad, but not bubblegum. More like Juicy Fruit. More juicy than most gums, has some chalky body. TFA’s description says it’s banana, pineapple and peach. But it’s not.



INW Blue Dwarf:

Pretty good blueberry bubblegum. Lighter, not a deep, blueberry which sits behind the gum. Lacks versatility as can only be blueberry. No bending or hiding it. Pairs well with apple.



TFA Fruity Stick Gum:

Not Juicy Fruit. Like cheap bubblegum. Overwhelmingly dry and chalky, making it seem harsh. Harshness would need rounding off.



TFA Bubblegum:

Works well as a cheap bubblegum, like Double Bubble. Pretty harsh at 8%. Some harshness at 4%. Needs something like a marshmallow to round out harshness and fluff up texture. Very powdery, chalky.

Tested up to 8%.



WF Bubblegum:

Deeper pink bubblegum, bright, sweet. Very good mouthfeel, not overly dry or chalky. Good texture. Has good mid range flavour the a lot of other bubblegum flavours lack.



OOO Bubble Bubble Pink Gum:

Really good as cheap bubblegum. Very artificial bubblegum flavour, but not a negative. No chalkiness, full mouthfeel or chewy texture. Would need help with those elements.



Nic Vapes Bubblegum:

Very accurate Bazooka bubblegum. Nice full mouthfeel, a little chalky while having some juiciness. Flavour continues through the exhale, which many bubblegum flavours don’t.



FW Bubblegum:

Good Hubba Bubba type flavour. Nice fluffy mouthfeel. Bubblegum flavour didn’t continue through the exhale, but had nice, strong, sweet after note.



DV Bubblegum:

Sweet, has a bit of bubblegum flavour. But also had a weird, funky, musky, fruity note. Too deep for a bubblegum.

Tested at 5%.



FLV Bubblegum:

Nice pink, bright bubblegum. A little too much separation between the bubblegum top note and the thick, chewy, slightly powdery, mostly flavourless base. Lacks some flavour so would work well paired with another bubblegum. Or as a bubblegum accent.

1% is a bit too light. Above 2.5% it gets harsh.



INW Bubblegum yc:

Juicy, pink, bubblegum. Not overly chalky or dry. Not harsh. More base-y, less top heavy than many others. Flavour is a little soft. Not very bold.



SC Bubblegum:

Really nice, sweet, juicy, bright, pink bubblegum – Bazooka-ish. Flavourful, but could be a bit bolder and brighter. Fluffy, chewy texture.



LA Bubblegum:

Very bright, very pink, bubblegum flavour. But is thin and lacks chewiness. Good for adding bubblegum flavour without bubblegum texture. Or for adding bubblegum flavour to other bubblegums that have texture.



CAP Bubblegum:

Tastes pink, but not authentic bubblegum. Really good dry, thick body, a little chalkiness. But light on flavour. Not very sweet. As the pink-ness is so light it works well as a base with fruits to make a fruit bubblegum.

Tested at 3% and 4%.



MB American Bubblegum:

Prefect Gumball. Has a good range. Nice top while having the depth that most lack and beyond that has a lingering, sweet, bubblegum flavour. Palate coating, juicy, enough chalkiness to read as bubblegum. Dense mouthfeel. Chewy, fluffy texture. Not



FW Stick Gum Juicy:

A pretty good Juicy Fruit. Chewy mouthfeel.



INW Donald Bubblegum:

Oddly has a very deep flavour, almost purple, but not grape. A bit musty. Lacks bright pink bubblegum flavour. A good dense chewiness and a bit of powdery texture.

Tested at 2%, which may be too high? Over flavoured?




007 Bubblegum by Alfred Pudding. Doesn’t use any bubblegum flavours but together they make prefect, authentic pink bubblegum.




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