Gummy Candy ? [ Noted: ep. 139 ]

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Flavor Notes

FW Gummy Bear (Gummi Bear):

30% sugar syrup. Does taste like gummy bears but with strong vinyl, plastic off note, like in many cherry flavours. Also has a wheat off note.



DV Gummy Candy:

Not bad, just meh. Not sweet enough, a little astringent. Generic fruitiness.



TFA Gummy Candy:

Chemical, plastic off note. Can be used to make fruits gummy. But better options. Bitter after taste that lingers and can’t be covered – gets worse with higher wattages.

Use around 0.5%. Perfumey over 1%.



OOO Strawberry sour Belts:

Nice, sweet gummy candy strawberry. Tastes vinegary at 4% to ID10-T due to the malic acid content, not a candy type of sour.



Bickford Gummy Bear:

Mostly generic fruit with slight pineapple. Overly sweet. Nothing that distinguishes it as candy, no candy mouthfeel. Just sweetness. Plastic off note at higher %.

Tested at 3.5% and 4.5%.



WF Cola Gummy:

Lacks thick chewiness for a gummy. Missing gummy flavour. Could use in a cola recipe. Decent cola flavour, sweet. Although could be bolder. Better paired with additional cola flavour?



CAP Jelly Candy:

Useful additive. Can be difficult to work with. Makes fruits in jelly candy. More pectin based jelly, lighter texture. As a SF like unflavoured Jello with slight citrus/ pineapple edge which can make other fruits pop.

Start at 0.5-0.75%. At 1.5% starts to get soapy. 4% unvapeable.



WF Sour Gummy:

Not really sour- tart. Green apple skin note. Sticky, sweet body. But not especially thick and chewy, but has gummy flavour. No throat hit.

Tested at 2% and 3%. At 4% starts to get chemically. Use up to just below 4% max.



PUR Gummy Candy:

Not a gummy candy, more Smarties. When it’s pushed high enough to sell it the off notes become too aggressive to overlook.



LB Sour Gummy:

Thin, astringent, sweet, candy flavour. Not sour. No gummy texture. May work as additive to make fruits gummy as has authentic gelatin, gummy top note. Needs something to fill it out.

Tested at 5% and 8%. (LB suggest 17%. Don’t! Bad plastic off note)



WF Frog Gummy:

Thick, gummy texture. Half peach gummy and half vanilla marshmallow. Similar to their Peach Gummy. Darker sweetness than in peach rings. Slight peach harshness.

Tested at 3%. Use around 2-3.5%



WF Gummy Worm Candy:

Soft, sweet, but more waxy than gummy. A little thin. Has some depth. Petty accurate to cheap, waxy gummy worms. Mostly red gummy worm. Good additive to make fruits gummy?

Use around 2-3%. Strong plastic off note at 5%.



WF Blueberry Gummy Candy:

Full chewy texture, sticky. As much organic blueberry fruit snack as gummy candy- blueberry is pretty natural. Versatile- can be used outside of candy recipes. Needs another flavour to make more gummy.

Recipe: Brookside Blues by ID10-T- used FW Blueberry but WF Blueberry Gummy Candy would have been a better option.

Tested at 5% with no off notes by ID10-T. (Although Forment got plastic off note even at lower %s.)



CAP 27 Bears:

Petty authentic white, pineapple gummy bear. But unbalanced – heavy on artificial pineapple and low on actual gummy. Thick, sticky. Prominence of pineapple flavour limits versatility.



DEL Gummy Bear:

Delightfully mediocre. White, pineapple gummy bears. Good gummy texture. Decent artificial pineapple flavour.

Start around 5%.



WF Gushy Fruit:

The gloop in the centre of a Gushers candy. Lacks Gushers gummy exterior. Great gloop though. Sticky, sweet, syrupy. Mostly the red Gusher flavour – cherry and strawberry?



OOO Melon Gummy:

Pretty mediocre. Softer watermelon, not punchy Jolly Ranchers watermelon. Lacks sweetness for candy. No discernable off notes.



WF Peach Gummy:

Good peach note, although slightly too natural for peach rings, has slight mustiness. A little thin.



WF Strawberry Gummy Candy:

Great texture. Strawberry slightly too natural. Welch’s strawberry fruit snack. Good depth and saturation. Thick, sweet chewy body. Lacks gummy bear waxiness, makes more pleasant. Versatile, can be used outside of candy recipes.



WF Sour Watermelon Candy:

Authentic sour watermelon gummy slices, but not really sour. Has texture of the granulated coating. Thick, fluffy, gummy. Good, artificial watermelon top note, could be more punchy. Good as an SF.

Use up to around 5%. Gets soapy at 6%.



OOO Gummy Bears:

Neutral flavour, not any fruit flavour in particular so versatile. But doesn’t sell gummy that well. Had some gummy texture though. Could use as an enhancer to another gummy flavour?



PUR Jelly Candy:

Scales fairly well. As % increased doesn’t have any off notes, just gets chewier. Neutral flavour, not any flavour in particular so versatile. Just texture with some sweetness.



WF Sour Blue Raspberry Candy:

Like blue raspberry sour straws, but not really sour. Bold, sticky sweet. One of best blue raspberries. Slightly too soft, could be more punchy. Gummy doesn’t come through until 4.5%.

6% good. 7.5% starts to get soapy



FLV Peach Gummy:

Very authentic peach rings. Perfect artificial peach top note. Nice gummy candy body. Good as a SF. Mild throat hit.

Recipe – The Ringer by Mr Burgundy. Very authentic peach gummy recipe.




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