Start Mixing E-liquid Today – DIY E-liquid Mixing Tutorial

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Getting Started

Let’s get started with this DIY e-liquid mixing tutorial. DIY e-liquid mixing is a great way to ensure you always have delicious, tobacco-harm reduction on hand. Many vaper may not be faced with much of a choice these days, as more and more cities and states are implementing new regulations barring the sale of flavored e-liquid. This leaves vapers stuck in a predicament, that may ultimately lead back to smoking. So learning to make your own is a great way to future-proof yourself from any restrictions that might come. So what do you need to get started?


First up is nicotine. This is the basis of the e-liquid, and a lot of the reason we vape. Quality nicotine is always recommended, and DIYorDIE recommends Liquidbarn’s nicotine (CNT or NicSelect – both are great).  Choosing strength, either 100mg/ml or 48mg/ml, is a matter of personal preference. DIYorDIE uses 100mg/ml for the simple fact that you use less of it, where with 48mg/ml (while it’s a bit safer to handle) does involve using more in a single mix. Get whatever you’re comfortable with, it doesn’t affect quality. The same goes with PG based, or VG based. PG base is much easier to shake, which is what is recommended, but again, there is no difference in quality.

Storing Nicotine

Storing nicotine is quite simple. You want to ensure your nicotine is in a cool, dry, dark, environment. Some recommend keeping nicotine in glass amber bottles, and storing them in a freezer, others recommend just keeping in a dry cabinet or cellar. As long as you keep away from heat, light, and oxygen, your nicotine should last a very, very long time.

VG / PG – Base

Next you need your VG and PG. The PG helps carry the flavor of your mix, and the VG helps carry the “vape”. Generally, vapers enjoy 50VG/50PG up to 80Vg/20PG ratios, it’s all up to preference. DIYorDIE mixes at 60VG/40PG. Liquidbarn provides VG/PG in awesome, easy to use, opaque pouring containers, and is recommended. It’s a good idea to buy at least a liter, since these are the materials you will use the most.

You can also purchase premixed base. Again, Liquidbarn provides their own “Base”, which provides VG/PG & Nicotine already mixed up, ready for flavorings to be added. This creates a much more simple product to use, while sacrificing customization and material usage. You’ll be going through it a bit faster than buying VG/PG/Nic separately, but this may be the right option for those who want to measure the least amount possible.


In terms of supplies, all we need is a scale and some bottles. That’s it. In terms of the scale, the LB-501 is the scale most mixers purchase. It’s cheap, durable, accurate, and measures down to 0.01g. Perfect for our uses. In terms of bottles, this is where preference comes into play a bit. Glass bottles are great for longer term storage, especially amber bottles. Glass bottles are also reusable. Unfortunately, you sacrifice durability and cost. Alternatively, plastic bottles allow more durability and are more cost effective. They’re also easier to use. You sacrifice in storage length, as well as re-usability.

Where to get them? What do you know, Liquidbarn also sells both of these supplies on their site, allowing you to purchase your Nicotine, VG, PG, Scale, and Bottles, all in one place.


One Shots

Now if you want to start mixing, without dealing with any recipe creation or fiddling with different flavorings. One-Shots are your best bet. A one-shot, or sometimes referred to as a Flavor Shot, is a complete recipe, already mixed up, ready to be used in your base. This takes any of the guesswork out of the mixing, and provides the most efficient, and effective way to start mixing. What I also enjoy about One-Shots is that they introduce you to the process of mixing, without complicating it. You can pick up DIYorDIE One-Shots here, here, & here (UK/EU).

Recipes & Flavorings

If you want to start mixing with a bit more customization and create e-liquid in the more “traditional” way, you can start out by purchasing the individual flavorings. It’s always best, when you first start mixing, to find highly rated recipes online and purchasing the necessary ingredients to make them. In the video above, you can see how I do this. It’s not recommended to purchase flavorings without any research on the flavorings you’re purchasing, since many of these ingredients are very specific, and many are very…bad. Just follow others’ recipes until you start to understand the specificity of mixing.

You can purchase flavorings here and here.

You can find recipes here & here

The Mixing Process

So you’ve ordered everything you need. Your nicotine, your VG, PG, your bottles, your scale, your one-shots, or your flavorings. They have all arrived at your house, and the next step is to put them together and enjoy the spoils of your work. So how do you do it? The video above shows you exactly how to utilize an e-liquid calculator, and how to measure out and pour your ingredients. It’s a very simple process, but just pay attention to the quirks of using an e-liquid calculator.

Use this e-liquid calculator, or this one


And that’s it. It’s that simple. You’ve created your first e-liquid. If you followed this DIY e-liquid mixing tutorial, and chose a good recipe, chances are the e-liquid you just made tastes great as well! Now, the difficult part of mixing is CREATING the recipes. That’s what this entire website is about. DIYorDIE is dedicated to the creation of recipes, and the craft of e-liquid mixing. If you find you enjoy making e-liquid enough to try your hand at crafting your own mixes, then check out some of the other content on DIYorDIE. You can also get much deeper and dive into the more advanced aspects of mixing. If so, you will want to pick up a DIYorDIE Mixers Membership, which gives you access to all the advanced mixing content on the site. So get out there and start mixing!




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