Bourbon Whiskey & Irish Cream ft. Foment Life [ Noted: ep. 138 ]

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DIY Flavoring Notes

Irish Creams:

LA Irish Cream:

NOT SAFE TO VAPE! Not water soluble. Tastes awful- sawdust and old fryer grease.



HS Irish Cream:

Not Irish cream. Like butter on an old piece of white chocolate. Very thick, heavy, buttery cream with little vanilla. Chalky. Slight sourness on the end.



CAP Irish Cream:

Not authentic. No whiskey or alcohol bite. Fluffy vanilla cream with waxy chocolate. A little chalky.



TFA Irish Cream:

Pretty good. When steeped with the lid off similar to their Kentucky Bourbon with their Bavarian Cream. If not steeped without lid has very strong alcohol note.

Tested at 3%



FLV Irish Cream:

Tasty but not authentic. Coffee most prominent note- dark roast. Coffee, chocolate milk with marshmallow. No booze. Really creamy. Complex for a SF. Good saturation.

Use around 1-2%.



FA Irish Cream:

Pretty good. Fairly authentic. Woody, boozy, whiskey type top notes. Soft, sweet cream base with a little vanilla- thick but a little dry. Touch of coffee and/or slightly bitter dark chocolate note.

Use under 3%- gets harsh and chalky. 1.5% full flavoured after steeping.





German Flavours Whiskey:

Whiskey is bad. Whiskey with enough ethyl maltol that it actually tastes like cotton candy. Chemical off note.



INW Whiskey:

Main note is slightly rancid butter. Non alcoholic whiskey flavouring. No alcoholic bite.



INW Irish Coffee:

Also has strong butter note, although less prominent than INW Whiskey and less rancid. Non alcoholic whiskey flavouring, really sweet, no booze. No coffee. Thin.



FW Whiskey:

Pretty authentic whiskey but tastes like dry dog food in the base.



FW Fireball:

Similar whiskey note to their Whiskey. Really sweet, candied version of a Red Hot. No heat. (31.07)


FA Whiskey:

Does taste like whiskey. But a little mossy. Decent booze note but could be stronger. Earthiness that’s a bit too strong. Prominent fruity sweetness- apple juice and cherry?





OOO Bourbon Whiskey:

Has all the elements of a good bourbon- warm, boozy, sweet, smokey. But also extremely waxy.



MB JD Whiskey:

No booziness. Odd meaty off note on top- like ground beef. Pretty sweet whiskey flavour. Top heavy, finishes weak.

Tested at 3%. Steeped for 5-6 days.



WF Bourbon:

Lacks smokiness of bourbon. More Irish or Canadian whiskey. Really smooth. Almost creamy mouthfeel. Very sweet. Oddly thick for a liquer. Very pleasant. No real alcohol bite, but bit of warmth.

Use around 2%. 3% strange wood off note & astringent.




Top Flavours of Each Category:

VT Scotch Whiskey:

Really cheap scotch. Overly mossy. Not as smokey or toasty as it should be. Good alcoholic kick. Not too sweet. Not very warm, almost cool.



PUR Tobacco Bourbon:

Doesn’t taste like tobacco or bourbon. Molasses or dark brown sugar with something like peanut butter with a little oak behind it. Really nice as a SF.



VT Irish Cream:

Authentic Irish cream. Actually boozy. Fairly thick, sweet cream. Very similar to FA Irish Cream, but slightly better. Slight coffee note on the finish.



VT Bourbon:

Quite thin and top heavy. Oak note, but not charred. Sweetness is a touch fruity. But has a really great alcohol bite. Great for giving other flavours realistic booziness.



FLV Bourbon:

Lacks some sweetness of bourbon and booziness, although has some bite. Great charred, oak barrel flavour. Has some body and depth. Not unwelcome chocolate note.



TFA Kentucky Bourbon:

Very versatile. Can use to warm a mix up, cook fruits, as a bourbon/ whiskey. Not very authentic, but makes it versatile. Authentic sweetness. A little boozy. Like bourbon that has been cooked.  (56.25)


INW Godfather:

INW says it’s a whiskey and Ameretto. Pretty good. More of a brandy. Nice booziness. Cherry/ almond note and sweetness that leans towards an Ameretto.




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