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DIY Flavoring Notes by DixxleRoo

Least Favourite Bananas:

OOO Banana Sweet Cream:

Butiric and nasty.


SC Banana Cream Pie:

Very butyric after 3 days. Not butyric at 2% after 6 days. No real off notes but tastes like the cheapest, worst banana cream pie. Better to build one from scratch.


River Supply (Nic River) Banana Milkshake:

Spoiled milk with a little bit of banana flavour.


Bickford Banana Strawberry:

Mild strawberry with almost no banana. What banana there is is very under ripe, banana peel.


Euro Flavors Banana:

Almost no flavour even at 6%. What flavour there is is very under ripe banana.

Tested at 3% and 6%


CAP Banana:

Weird, spicy- not the usual clove off note some bananas have. Unpleasant.


SA Banana Custard:

Candy banana. Not a terrible candy banana but there’s better options. Not custardy. More pudding flavoured with super artificial banana. Not an amazing pudding.


OOO Apple Banana Smoothie:

Not a terrible flavour. The apple over powers banana. Apple not great, tastes like sliced apple left out to turn brown, mushy. With some yoghurt and banana.


TFA Banana:

Tastes like TFA Banana Ripe but with cream. Cream is pretty good.


TFA Banana Ripe:

Pretty awful. Very Runty. Not forgiving. Hard to work into a mix. Has a spice note and odd chemical after taste.


OOO Banana:

Attempts to be realistic, still has artificial, candy, Runts note.


INW Banana:

Green banana peel, under ripe banana over Runts.


SC Banana:

Runts with chemical, nail polish remover. The chemical note got fainter over time so might steep out?

Tested at 1% and 2% with 5 days steep.



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Miscellaneous Bananas:

SA Banane Creme Fraise:

Super heavy cream with banana and strawberry. Ok but every element very mediocre. Better to build from scratch.


OOO Banana Nut Pudding:

Decent pudding with under ripe, banana peel and slight Runts note. No nut flavour.

Tested at 3%.


OOO Banana Milkshake:

Emily likes this flavour. Very creamy, full milkshake but with banana candy/Runts. Very thick, full flavoured.


OOO Banana Custard:

Similar to their Banana But Nut Pudding, but replaced pudding with custard. Bit thicker, richer, eggy. Better to build a banana custard from scratch. Banana is candied and Runty, not natural.


LB Orange Banana:

Pretty good. Not versatile. Besides a smoothie not many uses for orange with banana. A little harsh. Needs a cream to smooth it out.

Tested at 5%


River Supply (Nic River) Orange Banana

Almost identical to LB Orange Banana. Although RS is more concentrated, equal with RS at 3% and LB at 5%. Same harshness as LB. Also needs a cream to smooth it out.

Tested at 3%


HS Chocolate Banana:

Uses HS Australian Chocolate. Dark chocolate, a little nutty and dry. Not the type of chocolate usually paired with banana. Good banana, fairly realistic. No Runts. Not very versatile, very few applications.


WF Banoffee Pie:

Solid flavour. Graham Cracker with banana, very sweet. Needs a few days to weeka steep. No off notes. Banana is good, no Runts.

Tested at 3%.


SA Banana Bon Bon:

Not a lot of flavour. But what is there is good. Cookie/ biscuit with mild banana. Very pastry forward. Needs another banana.


WF Deep Fried Plantain:

Disappointing. The fried aspect is done well. But plantain buried under a lot of indistinct, warm spice. Earthy and weird.

Tested at 3%


OOO Bananas Gone Nuts:

Really good walnut. Slight banana peel, under ripe banana which is hard to cover in a recipe.


CAP Banana Split:

No major off notes but not great as SF (see OOO Banana Split). No ice cream. Slight burnt sugar, caramel note a little heavy and lacks creaminess. Has another fruit which brings nice tart juiciness- cherry or pineapple juice?


OOO Banana Split:

Nice, realistic banana and nice vanilla ice cream. When combined with CAP Banana Split they fill in what each other lack. Missing the tart juiciness of CAP.


PUR Banana Scotch Cream:

Rich, creamy, buttery. Dark. Perfect banana, slightly candied but that’s really covered with another banana. Needs a few days- a week as banana pretty Runty when fresh.


FW Strawberry Banana:

Strawberry is weak. A lot of artificial banana with a light artificial, slightly bland strawberry back note. Like a strawberry Runt with banana Runt. Versatile.


DV Banoffee:

Candied banana with dark, sticky toffee. Rich, dark, deep, slight maple/ caramel note, full mouthfeel, very sweet. Versatile for a lot of banana desserts. No crust, very creamy.


TFA Banana Fosters:

No rum, but other aspects are really good. Cooked banana. A little thin, nice cinnamon note- good balance between banana and cinnamon.


FW Banana Nut Bread:

Contains sugar syrup. Mostly spiced bread, lacks banana, very dark, molasses-like sweetness. Wick and coil killer.

Tested at 4%.


FW Banana Split:

Contains sugar syrup. Not heavy or rich enough for ice cream element. Banana Split flavoured gourmet lollipop. Artificial banana on top, dark sweetness- chocolate? Indistinguishable fruity and tartness.


MB Green Banana in Bamboo Milk:

Under ripe banana on top of a cream similar to sweetened coconut milk with an odd woody tone similar to that in FLV Lemongrass. Not very versatile. Complex, well rounded, full flavoured.



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Candy/ Runts Bananas:

Flavor Revolutions Banana Ripe:

Mediocre. Banana Laffy Taffy but very thin.


LA Banana Cream:

Needs to steep. Very Runty for a banana cream. A little thin, sharp. Like Laffy Taffy without the texture of Laffy Taffy.


LB Banana:

Banana candy, thin.


VT Shisha Banana:

Extremely candied, very sweet, bold, very potent. Really good banana Runts.

Tested at 1%.


DIYFS Banana Cream:

Very similar to LA Banana Cream. But smoother, creamier, thicker, sweeter more mellow. Hint of vanilla. Candy banana cream.


DEL Banana Fosters:

Delightfully mediocre. Pretty thin. Banana is good, nice caramel. No rum but does have flambe feel, cooked. Lacks ice cream. Mostly cooked banana with a little sweetness and some spice.


Nude Nicotine Banana Cream Pie:

Really good even as a SF. Nice Graham crust. Really good, creamy banana.


INW Shisha Banana:

Candied and syrupy- odd for banana. Banana version of Shisha Strawberry in that way, doesn’t translate well to a banana.


Flavor Revolutions Banana Candy:

Really good and authentic banana Runts flavour. Very full flavoured, potentially a bully in a mix

Tested at 3%- too much. 1.5% still very full flavoured. Use between 1-1.5% in a mix.


Magical Flavors Banana:

Very concentrated. 1% is smooth, sweet, subdued candy banana. Thick syrupy body and a wired woody off note.



Realistic Bananas:

FA Banana:

Very green, thin, dry.


INW Horny Banana:

At 2% tasted like soap. Could be a concentration issue? May have to use it much lower?

Tested at3%- too high, 2%- still to high.


DEL Banana:

Very mediocre. Thin, not Runty but not a pure natural banana, harsh.


PUR Banana:

Green, under ripe banana top note and over ripe underneath. Very thick, creamy body, fairly realistic. Can be used successfully in a mix.


Flavor Monks Banana:

Does have some fairly faint green, under ripeness but other than that really good. Green note should be easy to cover.


HC Banana:

Good besides being a little over ripe, mushy. Full flavoured, creamy.

Tested at 3%.



Top Three Misc. Bananas:

TFA Banana Cream:

The most versatile banana. Thick and creamy. Banana Snack Pack- artificial banana without being Runts.


FLV Banana:

Weird. Not natural enough to be a realistic banana but not candy enough to be candy banana. Amazing silky smooth mouthfeel. Laffy Taffy top note with silky smooth, creamy finish.

1% good starting point. 1.5% full flavoured. 2% hint of clove.


TFA Banana Nut Bread:

Good even as a SF. Weak flavour. Commonly used around 8%. No nuts. The bread note is fantastic. Banana is natural. Versatile. Pairs well with tobaccos.

Tested at 7%.


MB Nut Banana:

Their Soft Banana with a little non-descript nuttiness and a little sweeter. Nuttiness doesn’t make it less versatile as it’s fairly light. Fairly authentic, natural banana.



Top Three Candy Bananas:

OOO Happy Taffy Banana:

Banana Laffy Taffy done very well. Not very versatile.


FW Banana:

Very good Banana Runts. Has slight powdery texture and acidity, both authentic to the candy.


Strawberry Banana Sour Belts:

Very authentic to a Sour Belt, besides the sourness. But did have tartness. Balance between strawberry and banana really good.


WF Banana Candy:

Perfect Runts. Seems to have crunchy, candy shell with powdery, sweet, dry inside.

2% full flavoured.



Top Three Realistic Bananas:

WF Banana Puree:

Very good realistic, natural mashed banana. Can be tricky when it comes to percentages. Can be a bit mellow, daily bullied. Too high can get spicy.

3% too high, spicy. 1% not enough, too light. Around 2% to 2.5% is about right.


MB Soft Banana:

Really good natural banana, although has hint of candy/ artificial banana. Mushy/ soft.


VT Banana Custard:

Not a custard. Very good banana cream. Forgiving, flexible when it comes to percentages. Scales well. Goes well combined with TFA Banana Cream.


HS Banana:

Really good authentic, natural banana. Percentages can be tricky. 1% not bold, very realistic, slightly creamy, mostly ripe but not mushy. As percentage increased gets more candied and greener quickly. So works best with another banana.

Use at 0.75% with another banana


SA Banana Flambe:

Slightly warm, like a cooked banana. No brown sugar or spice notes. Really good, partially cooked, ripe, entirely realistic banana. Light, subtle caramel finish. Fairly soft.




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