Watermelon Puff – DIY E-liquid Recipe


This recipe was created after I spent a weekend using Puff Bars. These are the popular new disposable vape devices, that pack a myriad of different flavors, in a Juul-like form factor. The one caveat is that you can’t switch pods out, and must purchase a completely new one. Supposedly you get 300 puffs from one, but I doubt that. I figured it would be doing the vaping community a disservice if I didn’t offer some type of alternative. So here is my Watermelon Ice DIY e-liquid recipe.

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Watermelon Puff


This is a recipe meant to emulate the Watermelon Puff bar flavor. It's less "sharp" and a bit more juicy, but is close enough on this simple profile.


CAP Candied Watermelon     7%CAP Super Sweet     1.5%OOO Watermelon Candy     10%OTHR WS-23     1.5%

Total Flavor: 20%

Flavor Notes

CAP SL Candied Watermelon: This flavoring is used to provide most of the watermelon flavor. Like others have mentioned, the flavoring leans more on the “gum” side, with a bit more of a softer presence. That’s something I don’t want, since I want as much flavor as humanely possible in this recipe. But I do like the top note, so I needed to find a pairing ingredient to help lift this out a bit more.

OOO Watermelon Candy: In comes OOO Watermelon Candy. This takes that Candied Watermelon, and adds a splash of saturated artificial candy watermelon flavor. At 10%, this ingredient comes crashing through. Remember, this is meant for pod devices, and the overall experience will still be light. So I wanted to make sure I maxed out the recipe.

WS-23 / CAP Super Sweet: Last are the enhancers. Because Puff Bar uses Ice in their “Lush” recipe, I decided to do the same. I also found that using ice gives the recipe a bit more “sweetness”, and hides a lot of the flaws in the previous flavorings. The sweetener might seem high, but again, in a pod device, only adds a subtle push of sweetness to the overall mix.

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