Papaya ft. Mr.Burgundy [ Noted: Ep. 135 ]

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Flavor Notes by /u/DixxleRoo

HC Papaya:

Very butiric- both at 1% and 3%.  A good authentic papaya hiding very deep under strong vomit note. (5.24)

Magical Flavour Papaya:

Starts off really tart, floral, similar to pineapple. Quickly turns to a base-y cheesy, ripe, funkiness. Missing fruity, cantaloupe-y, mango-y body in the mid section. 

Tested at 1%. 


Euro Flavours Papaya:

Very floral, not a lot that resembles papaya. Dark spice in the background. 

Tested at 3%  likely too high?


Euro Flavours Ripe Papaya:

Microwave popcorn residue all over some tropical fruit. Fake butter off note that ruins it. 

Tested at 2%


Nature’s Flavors Organic Papaya:

Onion-y astringenct top note. Vague orange coloured tropical fruit middle. Not authentic papaya. Funky, tropical ripeness. Vanilla off note in base that sticks out, creamy finish. Dark spice note.


Bickford Papaya:

Really thin, no body. Even 5% not very saturated. A little muskiness, without tasting overly green. Sugary, sharp edge.


FLV Papaya Punch:

Enjoyable, but not authentic papaya. Artificial peach flavour with bit of papaya funkiness. Odd candy sweetness. Top heavy, thin, slight spice note. Lacks depth. Chewy gummy candy body.


Delosi Papaya:

Papaya flavoured sweet tart. Thin, sharp, candy sweetness. Not very authentic papaya. Soft, not punchy- lacks flavour even at 5%. Good background for other tropical flavours?


FW Natural Papaya:

Nice, not totally authentic. Tart, slightly floral top note- appropriate for tropical fruit. Lacks deep, tropical funkiness. Creamy, ripe melon texture. Sweet. Very slight bitter edge on the finish. Little too thin.

use around 6%.


FA Papaya:

Very authentic fresh papaya. Scratchy and dry. Not very full bodied or saturated. Has a little funkiness. Good to give authenticity to other papaya flavours.

Use between 1-2%. Above that floral.


TFA Papaya II:

Very similar to TFA Papaya, just slightly worse. Main difference is this a little drier, more scratchy, not as juicy and full or as musky.

Up to 2%. 2.5% absolute max.


 TFA Papaya:

Slight green note, musky. Sweet, deep, rich, juicy. Very light spice note. Thick body, full flavoured. Slight butiric. More saturation and presence in mixes than Papaya II. Difficult to work with. Potent and can be a bully. 

Up to 2%. Gets weird above 2.5%. 

(29.40) discussed both at the same time 

WF Papaya:

Needs few days steep. Wonderfully authentic papaya. Very sweet, melon-y, mango-y and almost creamy. Juicy and syrupy. Citrus-y tang top note, full bodied, saturated, almost intense flavour.  

Use around 2-3%. Next



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