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Flavor Notes by /u/DixxleRoo


SA Italian Bergamot:

Like bergamot, lavender plus arugula.  Very thin.

Full flavoured at 0.5%.


FA Bergamot:

Bitter sweet, fragrant, floral, a nice little green bitter edge, slightly spicy, orange rind note. Accurate bergamot.


VT Bergamot:

Very similar to FA, but weaker, bit sweeter, not quite as floral or spicy, a bit more of an orange and lemon note, smoother.


FA Hypnotic Mist:

Pretty good. Reminiscent of Triple Sec or Grand Marinier. Has the same orange notes with some bitterness and sweetness.  Use around 1-2%.


Green Oranges:

HS Green Orange:

Not good. Bitter, slightly perfumey. No top notes, just a thin base of bitter and perfumey orange.


HC Green Orange:

Like eating a sweet, juicy orange in a plastics factory. Not just a slight plastic off note. More plastic than orange.



FLV Tangerine:

Some depth and earthiness. Lemon note. Deeper base notes and bright top notes. Very bold. Not very juicy. Orange Cool-Aid with real tangerine and lemon juice.


CAP Sweet Tangerine:

Very artificial tangerine flavour. Bright, sweet, syrupy. May be harsh to some even when used very low. I

Use around 2%.


WF Tangerine:

Like half tangerine and half orange. A bit sweeter, softer and more mellow than CAP or FLV.

Use around 2-3%.


FW Tangerine:

Very top heavy. Natural tangerine. Slightly waxy. Heavy, accurate zest, harsh, fades quite quickly. Nails a realistic tangerine in the top note. Needs help filling in the base.

Use around 3-4% if going to steep. If SNV around 1%.


Blood Oranges:

SA Brazillian Blood Orange:

Not blood orange. Tangerine zest- very zesty. Tart, a little lemony, very bright. Lacks depth of a blood orange. Pretty good tangerine zest though.


TFA Blood Orange:

Blood orange flavoured chewable vitamin C tablets. But with a little earthy depth in the middle and lingering on the end. Chalky, powdery, candy body.


FA Blood Orange:

Has nice blood orange flavour. Not very juicy, a little dry. But full bodied. Bright but also has depth. Body like flesh of a fruit.


FW Blood Orange:

Not very juicy, but not dry. Top heavy. Sweet, zesty with good orange flavour. Some dark, earthy notes that makes it a blood orange.  

Use between 1-3%.


FLV Blood Orange:

A true, accurate blood orange. Good earthy depth, even tastes red.

Gets rindy over 2%. Use around 1-1.5%.



TFA Orange Manderine:

Harsh, lemony, floral, kind of dry, no real body. Just orange zest with some lemon notes. Really thin base.


SC Mandarine:

The powder used to make Tang. Very artificial, dry, chalky, a bit thin. Useful for orange pixie stick recipe?


FA Mandarine:

Has a good flavour. But waxy and also oddly warm.


VT Mandarine:

Like canned mandarine, but not as syrupy. Deeper than FA. A little thin. But pretty tasty. Smooth, no throat hit.

Use around 2-3%


Orange Creams:

TFA Orange Cream Bar:

Little bitter, medicine-y. Very bright, smooth after a steep, nice vanilla note. Version


TFA Orange Cream:

Needs 1-2 weeks steep. As SNV harsh, orange is vitamin-y, cream is very light. After 2 weeks very bold and smooth orange, a bit artificial. Doesn’t fade. Cream really thickens up.  


CAP Orange Creamsicle:

Orange dull, slightly bitter and medicinal. Really good vanilla cream note. Not nearly enough orange. Orange a little throaty.  

Tested at 4%


FW Orange Dream Bar:

Good balance of cream to orange. The cream doesn’t have much vanilla. Separation between orange and cream. The orange a little too natural for creamsicle.


Orange Combos:

NF (Natures Flavors) Passion Orange Mango:

Acidic tropical soap.


LB Orange Banana:

Good if steeped for 1-4 weeks (depending on sensitivity to throat hit). As SNV incredibly harsh. Still full flavoured after a month. Banana pretty good, but slightly candied. Orange is really good.

Use up to 8%.


TFA Passion Orange Guava:

Guava is good, sweet, syrupy and artificial. Passion fruit is a bit bitter, floral, harsh. Floral bitterness lingers on the end. Orange isn’t very good, kind of candied. Creamy vanilla off note.

Use at 5-6% as single flavour.


CAP Orange Mango with Stevia:

CAP Sweet Mango with orange cool-aid. Funky, sweet, over ripe Mango, with orange cool-aid. The stevia is noticable, different sweetness with earthy, bitter edge that lingers.

Tested at 5%


VT Blood Orange Champagne:

Champagne element is great. Very boozy and effervescent. Orange has deepness of a blood orange, but tastes a bit artificial.

 Works well as solo flavour at 7-8%. However, plenty of flavour at 2%.


FLV Morning Mimosa:

Champagne has a bit of a funky edge. Nice naval orange flavour. Not bold enough for use as a solo flavour. Works well paired with VT Blood Orange Champagne.

Gets astringent above 2%


Flavor Monks Monks in Love:

Orange and strawberry flavour. Soft, not very flavourful- even at 7%. Strawberry is really natural, not particularly sweet. Orange also very natural.


WF Lemon Orange Rice Candy:

Sweet, sticky, hard candy texture. Pretty accurate to the candies. Lemon has slight pledge note at 2-3%. More Fruit Loops than full cleaning product.



CAP Tangy Orange:

More acidic than tangy. Like orange chewable vitamins or an orange TicTac. Has a vanilla marshmallow note. Can be hard to work with so use low and let it sit about a week calm down.


VT Orange Juice:

Not at all accurate to orange juice. It’s not that sweet, has a banana off note and some people pick up a deep funkiness. It is however, smooth, dense and saturated.L

Tested at 2% and 4%.


OOO Orange Juice:

May be soapy? Tastes like orange juice with some artificial orange flavour added.


WF Orange Juice:

Closest to accurate OJ. Nice texture, pretty juicy. Contains a lot of sucralose. Too soft when used lower and too sweet when used higher. No sweet spot. Could be fixed with another orange.

5-6% as full flavoured as it will get, without being too sweet.


CAP Juicy Orange:

Not very juicy. Waxy and very harsh too some. Very sweet and artificial. As a SNV it’s pretty thin. After steep it thickens and fills out.


FLV Orange Citrus:

Like natural fruit flavour mixed into a waxy candy. Very waxy, making it difficult to work with. Very bold. Tastes kind of cooked. Can be used low to add body to other citrus’.

Use low- 0.5%, to avoid waxiness.


FA Orange:

Naval orange flavour. A little artificial, orange soda-ish. Versatile but dull. Not juicy, but not dry.

Use around 1-2%


INW Orange:

Candied orange peel at 0.25%. Above that it gets more rindy and bitter, less sweet, musky, floral. Like a worse version of INW Shisha Orange.


INW Shisha Orange:

Thick, tangy, syrupy. Nice depth. Almost spicy, making it great for cocktail mixes.

Use below 0.5% if using in a SNV recipe. It fades so if not using as SNV use around 0.75- 1% and let steep for a week.


SC Orange (Perhaps the same as FE Sweet Orange?):

Similar to INW Shisha Orange, just not as deep. It’s thick, juicy, sweet, bold.

Tested at 1%.


FE Sweet Orange (Perhaps the same as SC Orange?):

3-4% canned manderine with syrup, very juicy. Touch of peel, but minimal. Body very sweet but still pretty bright. Thin syrupiness, smooth for citrus. Can get buried in a mix.

Use between 3-4%. Waxy above 4%.


NF (Nature’s Flavors) Organic Orange:

Not a lot of flavour at 3%. 6% a bit like orange marmalade, but not as sweet. Has bitter sweet, cooked peel notes.


FW Orange Natural:

Pretty acidic. Not juicy or sweet enough for  realistic orange. But also not candy. Thin, bitter. Even at 6% it lacks flavour.


FW Ecto Cooler:

Half real orange, half orange cool-aid. Bit top heavy, not a lot of body. Naval orange base with powdery, Tang top notes. Not bad for an orange-aid. Not very strong, gets harsh quickly.

4-6% full flavoured, but have to cover harshness.


Flavor Monks Orange:

Realistic, plain, naval orange juice flavour. 3% fairly soft. Lacks punchiness, bit lacklustre. Not very juicy. Useful as background orange. Some thicker body. 6% floral and perfumey.  


FA Royal Orange:

Bit waxy. Not juicy. Pretty smooth. Some bright, tart, zesty notes. Could add some realism to another orange. But have to work around waxiness.

Use around 2-3%


VT Orange Tang:

Very accurate to orange Tang. Aggressively fake orange/ tangerine flavour, very sweet.


VT Orange Marmalade:

Very accurate to orange marmalade. Some jammy body. Really nice candied orange peel notes.


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