My Favorite Recipe of 2019, TWEAKED

So to fill you in, if you haven’t seen my Recipes of the Year for 2019 list, I named Hobbs Devape’s SomeSortOf Unicorn ADV Custard recipe as my favorite of the year. The recipe, upon first look, is an unassuming, simple custard recipe. In fact, I almost completely skipped over it because of how non-exceptional it was. But something drove me to just mix it up, and I’m very glad I did. The flavor is undeniably rich, velvety, and just what I was looking for. A custard with more sweet vanilla pudding and creaminess than butter, light egg, and a touch of graham cookie on the finish. But what really sold me was how versatile the flavor was. It’s a moldable mix that provides its flavor no matter the pairing. In fact, on the recipe page Hobbs himself recommends a few different pairings. But here are some variations I’ve made that I think you’ll enjoy.

Blueberry Custard

CAPSuper Sweet0.25%

This is added to the Hobbs ADV version of the recipe that utilizes 4% FA Premium Custard. What you get is a vibrant, natural, deep blueberry paired up with the vanilla custard cookie base. It needs a week to steep to not only allow the cream to settle in, but also allow the bilberry to settle down.

Strawberry Custard

FAJuicy Strawberry2%
CAPSweet Strawberry5%
INWYes, We Cheesecake (SUBBED)3%
CAPSuper Sweet0.25%

This mix blends together my Current ADV along with the Hobbs ADV version. A combo of ADV’s. Here I add that strawberry base along with substituting INW Yes We Cheesecake for the TFA Cheesecake 1:1. If you’re looking for a solid strawberry custard, with more vanilla and egg than nasty oil and butter, this is it.

Banana Custard

TFABanana Cream2%
OTHREthyl Maltol (10%)1%

This is one of the easier mixes. I’m just adding TFA Banana Cream at 2% and some Ethyl Maltol to sweeten up the custard and add some extra fluffiness. What’s great about this mix is how the graham cookie notes work with the banana to create a banana cream pie like mix.

Lemon Custard Pie

FALemon Sicily1.5%
OOOLemon Round Candy1%
INWYes, We Cheesecake (SUBBED)3%
CAPSuper Sweet0.25%

This is another simple fruit custard mix, this time using a soft, slightly candied lemon. This is perfect for those lemon meringue pie types, since the yes we, cheesecake comes in with the perfect amount of “cookie” tart base. You can leave the cheesecake out if you want a bit more of a lemon creamy custard.

And those are the fruit custard mixes I’ve found some great success with thus far. I have found that caramels, and even some RY4/tobacco flavors, also work in this custard base. It really such a versatile cream/custard base that doesn’t disappoint in so many situations. Mix up your own versions using this base and post your recipes down below. If you find any other tweaks feel free to post them in the comments. Be sure to review Hobbs recipe if you do mix it up!


  1. I need a named resource for FA Custard Premium. If I can’t get the ingredients (which has been my experience with all recipies requiring FA Custard Premium), I can’t mix this. Where is ANYBODY finding this flavor concentrate? I have put days into searching for this and I’m exhausted. I’d like to buy a vowel…. ?

  2. Sweet Strawberry CAP………… 3%
    Strawbery Shisha INW………….1.5%
    Coconut Extra TPA……………….0.25%
    Super Sweet CAP………………..0%-0.75%

    For the strawberry lovers.
    This is a top note layer of strawberry I add in custards.
    It is an intence one but still wont cover the delicasy of the custard of 2019.

  3. I love Strawberry! But one of the Strawberries I’m using reminds me of boosted which I hate.
    Just have to figure out which one…But I added sc blk berry to Hobbs and it’s delicious. Also added a tiny bit more sweetener ( preferred sweetener)…especially love the Hobbs plain as written , as well..Excellent recipe!

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