My Favorite Recipes of 2019

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My Favorite Recipe:

Some Sort of Hobbs Unicorn ADV by Hobbs Devape

This recipe is an old-school, simple custard base layer that is absolutely delicious, fun to tweak, and impossible to put down. If you’re a fan of custards, or a fan of vanillas, or a fan of creams, you owe it to yourself to get the ingredients you need to make this…and make it! Compared to many of the other recipes on the list, you’ll notice that this recipe is far different with how simple it is. But don’t let its simplicity throw you off, the recipe itself is so good, and there are so many different things you can do with it. Great work by Hobbs, and this was a recipe I vaped most in 2019.

Runner Ups:

Citrasberry Soda by Staybert

This recipe was the second most mixed recipe, for me. It’s a beautiful rendition of a fizzy soda, laid in with light citrus and berries. The fizziness is truly pronounced, and it comes in bubbly. The flavor is one that you can literally vape all day and not get tired of. And the base is one that can be constantly tweaked. Truly a great work from Staybert.

Rose Lychee & Raspberry Ice Cream by Staybert

Another recipe from Staybert on my favorites list. This recipe is extremely intricate, with notes of rose, lychee, white grape, vanilla, and cream, all laid beautifully next to eachother. The intricacy of the mix, along with its fun flavor, create a very memorable experience. Don’t let the florals scare you, they act more like sweet fruits in here.

Last Call by Automatic Failure

This is a delicious old-fashion recipe. It’s not “old-fashioned”, but the whiskey beverage you get at the bar. And it’s so good. The whiskey comes in sweet, and not too boozy, creating almost a “caramel” like experience. Then lay in the citrus and maraschino cherry, and you have one hell of an after dinner vape. Trust me, if you’re afraid of “boozes”, I’d still recommend this recipe because of how well-done it is. Mix it up.

O.C.D. by NaChef

This is an Orange, Cherimoya, Dragonfruit recipe created by Developed’s NaChef. It’s one of the most delicious and interesting plays on the “POG” profile. The cherimoya dragonfruit blend create a harmony of flavors you haven’t tasted before, and the orange is there to add a nice citric punch without being too cloying. Artfully crafted, and worth your time. Check it out!

Amorphous by Matthew Kocanda

This is a crazy complex, insanely intricate, fruit mix, that constantly brings new flavors every time you pick it up to vape it. You’ll taste guava, you’ll taste rose, you’ll taste pink grapefruit, you’ll taste white grape, you’ll taste sweet sherbet and bright lime. You’ll taste things that I haven’t tasted. It’s that type of recipe, and is easily one of my favorites of the year. Kocanda also has been on my list since I started making them. Kudos.

Pogged Out by EBC88

This is a POG recipe turned on its head, and inside out. Keeping the same POG vibe, this recipe replaces the passionfruit, and instead adds a deliciously bright peach. The orange is blood, and the guava is deep. This is definitely one for those who love fruit blends that pack tons of complexity.

Blue Raz Apple Fun Dip by Developed

The Developed crew created something special here. While many of their recipes over of the year has been great, this one stood out to me. The blue raz is spot on, and the sweet apple comes through so vividly. But what they nail perfectly is that “fun dip” like profile, creating a flood of nostalgia. Easily the best candy of the year for me.

Corn Bread Pudding Clone by BigRed

This was my favorite clone of the year. While it’s not quite 100% to the original profile, it’s utilization of AP, Corn Bread, mixed with Maple Syrup, creates such a delicious bakery flavor after it steeps. You’d be hard pressed to find a recipe that matches the original this close.

GTKK 2019 by ID10-T

Dave hits my favorites list, yet again. This time with his take on one of my winners a few years ago, Green Tea Kit Kat by Exclusive Girl. This take on that profile improves upon it in every way, and creates not just an accurate portrayal, but one that is easy to vape. Absolutely great work, and for those who love creams/bakeries, this is one to check out.

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