Blackberry ? ft. ConcreteRiver [ Noted: ep. 133 ]

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Flavor Name Notes Time 
FA Blackberry Terrible .15 05 
FW Blackberry Mojito Stupid sweet and mostly just tastes like raw sugar  10 
MB Dark Blackberry Tastes like deodorant.  .5 12 
NF Blackberry Cola Doesn’t come together cohesively, has an orange peel note.  14 
OOO Blackberry Pretty strong on the soap note. Like a sweet tart with blue dawn put on top of it. .5 16 
OOO Blackberry Cobbler No cobbler crust, some soap in it. Tastes like a warm baked sugary sweetened blackberry out of a cobbler but NO pastry notes  18 
NicVapes Blackberry Soapy blackberry, chewed on sweet tart with soap…  20 
NF Blackberry Tastes like a berry flavored medicine. A medicinal bitter edge to it, a thick creamy feeling body that makes it super weird.  22 
OSDIY Blackberry When fresh: mellow and weak, as it steeps (1 week) gains strength and gathers a deepness that makes it seem more authentic. Good blackberry candy. Slight baby powder note  23 
FF Blackberry Tastes like blackberry more or less but it is really harsh. 26 
FW Blackberry (natural) Very weak, could be a blackberry, or a blueberry mixed with raspberry and pineapple 28 
Bickford Blackberry Soft, doesn’t really taste like a blackberry, halfway between a boysenberry and a black cherry. At the higher %’s it starts to taste like cherry cough medicine 4-8 32 
Flavor Phoenix Blackberry Fizz Tastes like lemon lime soda, dark berry and cinnamon  33 
INW Blackberry/Raspberry **Reformulated** very lackluster, not offensive, but not very good. Weak, no distinctive blackberry or raspberry. Some candy body, a little tartness, flat, thin. Has a lingering raspberry candy finish 37 
DL Blackberry Doesn’t have the darkness of a blackberry, but is a decent berry besides that fact. 40 
VT Blackberry Like a candied, sweeter, blackberry but very middle of the road  42 
FLV Blackberry Blossom An earthy floral note, like a wild flower. Floral without perfume  44 
CAP Blackberry Not a bad blackberry, has some bright notes. Has a syrup like quality to it. Sort of a floral tart hybrid thing going on. 48 
CAP Blackberry V2 Mostly tastes like v1, has a cardboard like finish 51 
LA Blackberry No body, but tastes like a flavor you would use for a candy. It tastes like arbor mists blackberry merlot minus the booze. Very grape-like 52 
TFA Blackberry Very highly potent for TFA anything over 1% is a floral nightmare. An excellent natural blackberry, not a candy, has a juiciness to it and a depth. <1 54 
FM Sweet Betsy Blackberry Lots of sweetener, great for a single flavor mix.  1-3 57 
SC Blackberry Candied blackberry, deep and bright for a blackberry. Full flavored, some tart floral (no perfume) nice and saturated flavor 1-2 59 
FW Blackberry Very candied blackberry, nothing wrong with it. Syrup flavor, bright note, full flavored. Very forgiving on the top end, can go super high %’s 1-8 62 
FM Blackberry Tastes the most like an authentic blackberry, sweet, has some jammy body with a bright tartness on top. A little touch of floral. Very bold, full bodied flavor 65 

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