JAMS ? ft. Kittybit [ Noted: ep. 131 ]

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Flavor Notes

Flavor Name Notes Time 
VT English Marmalade Grape, citrus, and perfume. No thickness not sweet  05 
WF Jam Scone Really disappointing jam, the pastry part is thin, no mouthfeel. A bit to sweet for a scone 08 
VT Strawberry Jam Doesn’t meet the hype, would be perfect as a candy strawberry, but really falls short for a strawberry jam 2-7 13 
VT Blueberry Jam A little bit too sweet, kind of grape-like. Pretty thick  16 
Chefs Choice Jam Rolly Polly The cake note is very bad, tastes like spoiled milk or something. The jam part of it is very good 10-20 19 
SA Strawberry Jam Tastes like sweet rotten plastic with a hint of ripe strawberry  25 
VT Jam It Like an under ripe mango, theres a bright note like a pineapple or something but in no way shape or form will it “jam things up”  26 
CAP Blueberry Jam Very bright and jammy. A little sharp and a hair chemical 30 
Chefs Choice Jammy Dodgems The jam and the biscuit don’t work well together. The jam is too light for the biscuit. Its overall too flat. Needs help on both perspectives  32 
PUR Boysenberry Preserve Dark and sweet and jammy, but also bright.  2-6 36 
VT Raspberry Jam There is peach rings candy mixed with raspberry life savers. Very mellow and basey, no top notes or brightness to it. 2-3 40 
Chefs Choice Strawberry Jam Has a slight candied strawberry going on. It also has tang, syrup, and is thick.  3-5 45 
FA Candy/Jammy Wizard A clear jammy sweetness, gives some body. Very concentrated additive .5-1 47 
WF Blueberry Jam The blueberry is sweet enough, very jammy. Has a very bright note. 50 
FLV Jammy Berry Very versatile as it can be bent to be whatever kind of jam or jelly that you wanted  55 
VT Orange Marmalade Has a thick jammy base, might work for a candied orange peel. 2-3 62 
Yummy Range Raspberry Jam & Scone Cream Really good raspberry, spot on, syrupy jam like, the cream is great, the scone is good 3.5 67 
WF Kent’s Jelly Deep jammy notes, nice quince flavor a touch floral, there is a citrusy-jammy note, really dense and saturated. Has a juicier feel 2.5 72 
OOO Strawberry Jam Very deep, full, strawberry jam, the strawberry is very red and dark. 76 

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