2020 – A Mango Champagne Recipe

2020 - A Mango Champagne Recipe


(USE FA INDIAN MANGO - NOT ORIGINAL FA MANGO) This is a Mango Champagne recipe that packs light, sweet, natural mango, with sparkling champagne. While the recipe falls more in line with a "spritzer" vibe, than a wine vibe, it's easily tweaked to create a more "dry" experience. Champagne Article: http://bit.ly/37oHDvP


CAP Super Sweet     0.25%FLV Brut Bubble Wine     1%FA Costarica Special (mango)     1%FA Royal Orange Juice     0.75%FA Wine Champagne     1%INW White Grapefruit     0.5%OTHR WS-23     0.25%

Total Flavor: 4.75%

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Flavor Notes:

FA Wine Champagne (also known as WSW, or White Sparkling Wine): This is where most of the “wine” flavor will come from. I’m using it at an average 1%, because I do want to have more of a “spritzer” vibe, than a dry white vibe. But even at 1%, the wine flavor comes through and adds authenticity to the mix. 

FLV Brut Bubble Wine: Then I will pair the FA Wine Champagne with this ingredient to add a bit more authenticity to the mix. Because the Brut Wine has a bit more of a natural alcohol flavor, it will help add more accuracy which we need to help portray the correct notes. Because Mango is quite sweet, we need to make sure the wine notes are there to emphasize the champagne. I’m using it at 1%.

INW White Grapefruit: I love pairing Champagne with INW White Grapefruit. I do the same in my Sang Pétillant. And I do this to help bring forward the champagne. It does a great job at doing this, while enhancing the citrus, not distract from the profile, and not add too much sweetness. I’m using it at a low 0.5% since it’s only there for its enhancement properties. 

FA Royal Orange / FA Indian Mango: Next, I’m adding my fruits. I’m using FA’s new Indian Mango since I love how natural it is. But also because it’s not so syrupy and sticky, and will allow the champagne to come through a bit more. I’m using it at 1% because I love this ingredient, but if you want more Champagne, feel free to use only 0.5%. I’m pairing this up with 0.5% of FA Royal Orange. This is used to add a bit more body to the mango, and let it reside more on the finish, as opposed to the top. 

WS-23: Finally, I’m utilizing WS-23 to add a touch more effervescence. Only 0.25% because I don’t want an “icy” mix, though even at this percentage off a shake its a touch much. After a night or two, this becomes more subtle and falls in just right. While it’s delicious off a shake, the recipe is just more accurate a couple days later. 

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