Grape ?ft. Foment Life [ Noted: Ep. 129 ]

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Flavor Notes

Flavor Name Notes Time 
FE Sweet Grape Not good, tastes like hair gel  05 
CAP Grape Very bland, like cardboard but not dry, more like a white grape than a purple grape  07 
FE Golden Grape Its dry and has a strong musty note, akin to a raisin flavor. Very sweet  09 
FW White Grape Mostly tastes like a sweet white grape or a green grape, its obnoxiously sweet or fermented  10 
FA White Grape Like eating freeze dried white grapes while wearing a little bit to much of grandma’s perfume 12 
VT White Grape Mostly tastes like white grape, very sweet, thick body, no sharpness and fairly subtle, finishes with a chemical note  13 
INW Wild Ice-cream There is coolant in it, its tart with a slight floral edge, there is no ice cream note, just a good white grape and koolada  16 
PUR White Grape Like a white grape juice, its very bold and full flavored, not a sticky sweet, but more natural and wholesome grape juice 18 
EuroFlavors Grape rotten 21 
OOO Happy Rancher Grape Soap  22 
Fairys Finest Grape Soapy & floral  23 
VT Grape Yogurt No yogurt, warm medicinal fruit top note, not grape, a light cream in the middle and finishes with purple and a chemical afternote  23 
OOO Grape Punch Slightly soapy purple top notes, with a lingering soapy taste. ¾ grape koolaide 1/8 cherry a squirt of dawn   24 
TFA Grape Soda Grape Medicine, Dimetapp,  25 
HS Grape Very medicinal, sweet and dense purple top notes, tastes like chewable grape children’s motrin  26 
OOO Grape Soda Tastes like grape pixie sticks with a little medicine mixed in.  28 
VT Grape Like grape jelly with a little bit of vinegar in it  29 
TFA Grape Candy Hairspray and floral with a good tasting grape under it but you cannot escape the hairspray  30 
Flavor Revolution Grape Candy Generic grape candy with no body to speak of.  32 
Bickford Grape Candy Hairspray and grape candy mixed together, hint of blackberry as well 33 
FW Grape Berry Ice A ton of koolada in it.  34 
WF Sweet & Sour Purple Drink Tastes like a purple candy grape flavor, similar to grape Kool-Aid, with some lemon and some berry and perhaps some melon  36 
FW Grape Soda Makes other grapes or dark fruits sweeter.  41 
Kraft Purple (one-shot) Like a better flavor west grape soda. A ton of sucralose in it.   
LA Grape (colorless) Very “meh” blatantly artificial, flat and dull  46 
Nic Vapes Grape Tastes like an artificial grape and smoked caramel 48 
FW Grape It’s a purple flavor, slightly tart, slightly sweet and a little bright.  50 
DL Grape Interesting flavor, a purple candy top note, a really creamy mouth feel and a very thick base 52 
VT Grape juice Its deep and thick and syrupy.   54 
TFA Grape Juice Pretty thin, top heavy, purple flavored but not really a grape, nothing wrong with it except it feels watered down 3-4 56 
MB Queen Grapes More saturated, more depth, sweeter than TFA Grape Juice 58 
SC/FE Grape Grape Blowpop  60 
CAP Grape Concord w/ Stevia Welch’s Grape jam 4-5 62 
INW Grapes Very flavorful, mostly tastes like purple, with arrant bits of real grape in there, slight earthiness 1-3 65 
FLV Grape Like a flat grape soda, or a fresh piece of grape bubble gum, or a melted grape popsicle  1-3 68 

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