Youth Vaping is a Problem Created by Juul ft. John Grefe

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John Grefe is the owner of Congrevape which released products like the Doge RDA and Dogtank, very popular and affordable subohm options back in 2016-2017. He has since taken a back seat in the vaping industry and focused his efforts on Crave Picks, which provide a nicotine fix for those who don’t want to deal with inhaling a substance. All the while, he’s been on Twitter fighting against the backlash of the Anti’s and covering advocacy for the industry. I brought him on to chat about his recent article “Youth Vaping is a Problem Created by Juul: Here’s how to fix it” – which discusses the idea of nicotine euphoria, the difference between salt and freebase nicotine, youth initiation & its solutions. In this hour long chat, we cover each of these points and I ask him what he thinks is ahead for the future of vaping. Make sure to follow John on twitter at @JohnGrefe

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