Gift Buyer’s Guide for DIY Mixers (2019)

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2019 is coming to an end, and 2020 is upon us where the future of vaping is uncertain. One thing is certain though, it’s never been a better time to learn how to make e-liquid! This list here will break down items I think every DIYer should have to get started, and to ensure your e-liquid mixing is as easy and as relaxing as possible. Let’s get into the list!

(Note: Amazon Links are Affiliate Links)

Ikea Kvissle Drawers – $20

These drawers are constantly requested from viewers of my channel. They are the shelves that sit behind me that contain all my flavorings. I dedicate each drawer to a specific brand, and then lay them flat alphabetically for easy access & discovery. They might not be the most perfect solution, but they’re very affordable, and have worked well!

American Weigh LB-501 – $30

The LB-501 is tried and trusted among mixers everywhere and remains the most popular option for mixers who want to measure by weight. Stop dealing with pipettes and syringes, and all the clean up they require. And just get yourself this sleek, extremely cheap, & extremely functional scale. I promise you won’t regret it.

DIYorDIE One-Shots – ENYAWREKLAW / Tastemaker / UK – $10 Each

Of course I’m going to have to recommend my products. But I’m not just shilling here! My DIYorDIE One-Shots are the perfect gift to the mixer who hasn’t quite taken the plunge into development yet, but want to get their hands a bit dirty, and still want a delicious experience. They’re also extremely affordable, mixing anywhere around 300ml for only $10. Not to mention, you can get them in the US as well as the UK. They’re worth a shot! (get it?).

Benchmark Scientific Vornado – $180

There are a lot of mixers I’m in contact with that mix a crap ton of testers / batches, as well as many who have limited function of their hands / arms. Whether their elderly, or have disabilities, or are just getting tired of constantly shaking their e-liquid by hand, the Vornado is a great option. While it’s not the most powerful mixer, and it certainly has its flaws, it’s great for testing batches and shaking up flavorings quickly, efficiently, and very easily. 

Scientific Industries Vortex-Genie – $300

Now, if you need a heavy duty vortexer, that will mix up some big batches of e-liquid, or need something that can shake up eliquids that are a bit thicker in nature – the Vortex Genie 2 is the standard. One of its best features is that you can replace the head to accommodate many different bottle types. It’s 3200rpm motor will be great for anyone in need of some extra juice. 

Flavorah Tobacconist Assortment – $70

Flavorah is one of the leading flavoring companies in the vaping industry. They provide excellent and unique flavor profiles that pack a great amount of flavor, in a small package. But one thing they do better than anyone else is tobacco. Pick up their tobacconist assortment for any mixer who’s looking to make some insanely delicious and unique tobacco profiles. 

VapeFly Pixie RDA – $20

A lot of new mixers have terrible RDA’s for development. They may vape great, but with mixing, it’s best to have what I call an “analytical” RDA. This is a dripping RDA (a must for testing / recipe batching) with neutral or “reference” flavor output. Now high quality “reference” RDA’s can be difficult to get, and can cost a pretty penny. But the Pixie is the best affordable reference RDA I’ve found, and is an excellent stocking stuffer. Pair this with my next list option and you’ll have a happy mixer who makes great e-liquid for any device, and not just their own. 

Wotofo Prebuilt Dual Core Fused Clapton Spool 28g*2+38g – $10

I love using dual core fused claptons in my reference builds. This build allows excellent reference flavor reproduction, but immense saturation. This means flavor output to the max, perfect for spotting the tiny details. But I also use them in my personal builds as well, because their flavor is best in class! At $10 for a spool, it’s a great pairing with the Pixie to get someone excellent flavor output on a budget. 

Brother P-Touch Labeler – $35

The Brother P-Touch labeler is one of my favorite purchases as a mixer. Often when I’m batching, I have so many different variations it’s hard to keep track. But the Brother P-Touch lets me type out any label I want, and even packs a ton of emojis. It’s easy to type on, prints very quickly, and is affordable. A great gift for more advanced mixers. 

DIYorDIE Membership Subscription – $3/mo

Ok, I need to recommend one more product I sell. This time, it’s my membership subscription. It’s an excellent resource for mixers who want to take their skills to the next level, who want a huge variety of on-going flavor notes, and who just want good DIY mixing content. It’s as cheap as 1 flavoring a month, and helps fund this entire operation. A great way to gift, and give back at the same time.

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