Currants ? ft. ConcreteRiver [ Noted: Ep. 127 ]

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Flavor Name Notes Time 
CAP Mixed Berry Really floral with an odd cinnamon type of spice. 2-4 07 
NF Black Currant Weirdly warm grape sweet tarts 4-8 10 
BF Black Currant A little bit harsh on the throat, slightly soapy finish on it. Dry and chalky, tastes like a grape blueberry mix with a bit of lemon zest thrown in 14 
Fairy’s Finest Black Currant Soapy, oddly a little smokey, like a charred wood flavor with a grape/raspberry candy 16 
INW Black Currant Grape koolaid made from a questionable water supply, and not as sugary. Dark and grape-like 1-2 19 
MB Sharp Black Currant More vinegar-like than tart, no savory aspect to it. Sweet grape/raspberry thing going on, not very filled out. Slightly throaty 24 
CAP SL Black Currant Tastes like a cross between a tart grape and blackberry candy, some ripeness to it, more tart than sweet. Little earthiness to it. Feels thin and dry with a harshness to it. 27 
FLV Black Currant Like a grape candy with some tartness. There is a funkiness to it that makes it very interesting. 1-3 30 
FW Black Currant Tastes like a very sweet red table wine, some mustiness and a little fermented. Tastes very ripe and very thick with an understated tartness 36 
TFA Black Currant Tart and sweet blueberry and grape mashup 3-4 40 
Bakers Flavors Black Currant A lot like the saskatoon berry, tart like an under ripe blueberry, the funkiness reeks of something that’s over ripe 42 
INW Airwaves It’s a black currant mint gum, mostly tastes like the color purple but mint. 1-4 47 
FA Black Currant Very versatile, very syrup like mouthfeel. Tastes like melted down sweedish fish. Would mix well with any kind of berry. 1-3 53 
VT Shisha Black Currant Delicious, very dark, super syrupy sweet, tart and interesting. Not medicinal, a little sharp and floral but not too much 1.5-2 57 
CAP Sweet Currant Sweet and syrupy, acidic, tart. Really well rounded, very versatile. Not as grape tasting as the other ones. It has a slight “funkiness” to it 2-5 61 

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