E-cigs Fail to Induce Pneumonia in Mice

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New Study

A new recent study just published into Applied and Environmental Microbiology shows that exposure to e-cigarette vapor does NOT induce Pneumonia in Mouse subjects. This is another study added to the pile that shows the benefit vapor has when compared with traditional tobacco

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Now, I’ve read the study. Well, I’ve tried to. It’s very advanced biology and difficult for me to fully understand. I’m sure Farsalinos, or another researcher will make sure we get the full gist. From what I’ve been able to parse, researchers tested 70/30 3mg Strawberry Flavored e-liquid, the same e-liquid in 0mg, and traditional cigarettes smoke. They then exposed the TIGR4 Genome to vapor and recorded virulence and gene expression. What was found was that vapor altered expression in 264 genes, whereas cigarettes 982 – though most of the genes in both involved in metabolism and stress response in TIGR4. But non-nicotine vapor seemed to only express in 14, meaning gene expression is nicotine dependent.

What does this all mean? Well “Interestingly, neither nicotine containing nor nicotine free e-cigarette vapor altered the ability of pneumococci to cause lung infection in a mouse model of infection,” said Dr. Kulkarni. The formation of biofilm is a negative outcome, though this is still only moderate.

There still needs to be much more research done on the product. Again, this is all done on mouse subjects, anyway. That said, it’s always important to know the health implications of vapor, to make your own judgments on what compounds to inhale. I’ll be sure to cover everything involved in the developement and science of e-liquid, so make sure you follow DIYorDIE to stay updated.

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