Thanksgiving After Dinner Vape – DIY E-liquid Recipe

Thanksgiving dinner is quite possibly my favorite meals on the planet. My mother cooks turkey perfectly, covers it in a fatty gravy, paired up with stuffing, creamed corn, and garlic mashed potatoes. I usually get in 3 plates, and struggle to keep my eyes open afterward while watching the Dallas game. That period is a heavenly experience I live for every year. So this recipe was created to contrast these extremely heavy and bold foods, with a vape that doesn’t distract from the main dish, but rather compliment it. 

Banana Nut Cookie - After Thanksgiving


This is a perfect vape for after a big Thanksgiving Meal. Baked banana, warm cookie, light caramel.


CAP Super Sweet     0.5%FLV Cookie     0.25%FA Almond     0.5%FA Banana     0.5%FA Butterscotch     1%TPA Banana Nut Bread     7%

Total Flavor: 9.75%

This recipe is a Banana Nut Cookie. It utilizes TFA Banana Nut Bread, a delicious solo ingredient, and adds more flavor and nuance to it. I chose this profile for a few reasons. One being that banana is perfect to cut through a lot of those heavy flavors, but it does so in a smooth, succulent way. As opposed to how a citrus would. The bakery aspect also follows the heavy breads from the dinner, and the nuts contrast a lot of the spices you’ll find in the dinner. Lastly, I found Banana Nut Cookie perfectly contrasts most desserts you might dig into, like Pecan or Pumpkin pie.

Flavor Notes

TFA Banana Nut Bread: This is the heart and soul of the mix. At 7%, we’re getting as much flavor as possible from it, and really pulling out a lot of those bakery notes. While on its own is a delicious flavor, I wanted to increase each of its accents to further push the profile on top of the heaviest dinners. 

FA Banana: This obviously adds a bit more banana to the mix. I chose FA because I found at 0.5%, the banana is able to come through, and provides a nice flavor, without it imparting too much “creaminess” to the mix. 

FA Almond: To add a bit more “nut” to the mix, I wanted to drop in a touch of FA Almond. This ends up lifting the walnut flavors of the Banana Nut Bread, and creating a touch more depth to the mix. 

FA Butterscotch: Using 1% of FA Butterscotch does nothing but provide a nice long finish to ride the bakery out on. Without it, you’ll find that the vape doesn’t linger as long. So in order to hold up against gravies, the vape needed to stick around a bit longer. 

FLV Cookie: And this is the secret weapon. FLV Cookie at 0.25% adds the perfect amount of “cookie” to the mix without disrupting any of the banana. It helps bend that bready, muffin like body of the TFA, into more of a cookie style. 

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