Far East Brand Custards ? (HS, HC, FE, VT etc ) ft. KittyBit [ Noted: Ep. 126 ]

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Flavor NamesNotes%Time
VT Chocolate CustardA decent chocolate flavor, but doesn’t really speak custard. Has a pudding esque tone to it, just not as thick or heavy as you would want it to be. More like a chocolate pudding 06
VT Creamy CustardHas a banana note and its not a good banana, with some spice like clove. Not at all like a custard and its not thick3-410
SC Vanilla CustardSweet buttery vanilla undertone, but a violent assault of burnt caramel. Tastes like plastic burnt caramel20
Custom Mix Custard PuddingCould be good but, there is a large pepper note, very thick and a good vanilla.24
Custard Mix Yam CustardSlight pepper note, the yam is sweet and very earthy at the same time. The custard is decent however25
VT Warm CustardEggy, sour and thin. A little bitterness, kind of “flat”. No richness or thickness3-427
HC Egg CustardProbably needs a longer steep, doesn’t really taste like custard. More like an under sweetened meringue.2.531
HC Vanilla CustardNot pukey, not enough flavor135
VT Strawberry CustardA candied jammy strawberry, not a custard, more like a buttered whipped cream. Very pleasant. Like a strawberry yogurt for kids without the yogurt sourness.2-337
VT Banana CustardNo custard note, no vanilla, but a hell of a banana cream1-414

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