A Meeting of the Masters

Today, the Trump vaping meeting with take place. When we first heard that Trump wanted to meet with industry members, we were skeptical. Will the small open-vapor industry, the one that contains hundreds of thousands of jobs, be represented in this meeting? Or will the Big Tobacco “vaping” companies be the only ones invited? Well, no worries. Open-vapor will be represented, with Tony Abboud of the VTA and Greg Conley of AVA both meeting with Trump today. 

This is great news, as both members are strong advocates of open-vapor and will surely represent our arguments to the fullest. There will be others there though. First off, Parents Against Vaping will be there as well as the top wigs from Big Tobacco and various “health leaders” (maybe Scott Gottlieb and Jerome Adams?) and another open vapor advocate Scott Eley of AEMSA. So unfortunately, it’s not just Conley and Abboud in Trumps ear. Nonetheless, we’re all on the edge of our seats waiting to hear the results of this meeting. Let’s hope all goes well. God Speed gentlemen. 

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